It's beginning to look like Valentines

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
It snowed!!!!! It must have been those snow dances yesterday. I don't think there is any going to work for me today. Luckily much of the work I have to get done can get done from the comfort of a laptop in the living room in my pjs. With a few little breaks to show Perry the wonder that is snow.

In other news I must admit, Valentines Day has always been one of my least favorite holidays. I am one of those girls that has no interest in a day where your significant other is brainwashed by Hallmark and Target to buy you flowers and chocolate and jewelry. It just seems so forced...and not to mention the crowds at restaurants.

But I do love any excuse to get a little crafty and have some fun in the kitchen. And any holiday gets more fun once you have kids, even ol' Valentines.

I helped Perry make some valentines to give to a couple of his favorite girls, Ashley and Lauren, the daughters of his sweet Nanny. Correction, I made them together while Perry napped...he was a great help. : )

Perry is getting his favorite snack from us, a little bag of goldfish. He will love us forever.

And Andrew went to the grocery store this week and came home with some cake mixes that were on BOGO. So we made some strawberry cupcakes for lifegroup dessert this week. Yummy! I also experimented with some leftover batter and a mini bundt cake pan. They wound up with rounded bottoms (like a cupcake top), but that's nothing a knife can't fix.

And that is probably about as far as we are going to go with the pink and red holiday.

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