Let it snow?!?

Monday, February 10, 2014
All of North Alabama is nestling in their beds tonight anxiously awaiting what we will find when we wake up tomorrow. Most of us are hoping that Jack Frost will pay us a visit although the likelihood of that kept getting worse and worse as today dragged on. Yesterday we were told 1-4 inches, which dropped to 1-2 inches which ultimately settled to a dusting to half an inch. But we did snow dances all day at work today so we will see how effective that was.

And if tonight doesn't pan out there is another wave coming in the next day or so. So maybe we stand a chance at getting to build a snowman this week. I hope so.

Schools are delayed tomorrow and I will probably work from home a few hours in the morning to avoid driving with the crazies on whatever state the roads are in in the morning. I noticed they had the road closed signs set and waiting at the bottom of Cecil Ashburn as I drove home work this evening.

We had a pretty low key weekend. Friday literally consisted of a lunch date with Granna, Emily, Ben and Kate and a long stroll around Target. Perry looked super cute in his little smocked Dalmatian shortall.

Saturday evening Andrew's family came over for dinner and games and some olympics watching. I "cooked" a gourmet dinner of frozen pizzas and layered bean dip. Hey, there was some homemade pico and guacamole in that Pioneer Woman bean dip so that qualifies as cooking, right? We had an international theme going with the Italian and Mexican food so I printed up some little flag food cards.

Gary wasn't feeling well after having chemo last week so he curled up on the couch and watched the olympics. Kate joined him for a little while. And the kiddos had a great time playing with all the toys in the living room. Who knew a little inflatable pool and some balls could create endless entertainment for a 6, 4, and 1 year old.

Kate loved watching the figure skaters and started gliding and spinning around the living room. Meanwhile, Perry wanted in on the game playing action.

Sunday morning I sent Andrew and Perry on to church for first service while I got in a 10 mile run. The last long run before the Princess Half Marathon in Walt Disney World in two weeks. Eek. We leave a week from Thursday and I can't wait! This next weekend will just be a little 3-4 mile jaunt. Just the fact that 3 miles is a "short" run is an amazing feat to me. The girl who had never run a whole consecutive mile until oh like June 2013.

After the run, I headed up to church to work guest services during second service. Perry spent a long morning in the church nursery, but did great. He was so tired when we got home though I barely got lunch in him before he fell asleep. He was literally falling asleep while sitting in his highchair. Needlesstosay he took an epically long nap, like 4 hours. And only woke up then because I went in and got him up to go out to dinner. When I went in and turned on the light he didn't even move. So I got to snag a picture of our sweet sleeping boy. Sunday afternoons make the best naps.

We went out to dinner Sunday night with one of Andrew's coworkers and his wife. We had a great time getting to know them better and got to eat some O'Charley's which we haven't had in ages...oh those rolls are a gift from heaven.

That pretty much sums up the weekend. Plus a bunch of not so interesting "real" work I had to get done during naptimes. And just like that it is Monday again. Here's to hoping this week gets a little more interesting and a little more snowy in the next 24-46 hours.

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