Perry, meet snow, again

Saturday, February 15, 2014
We had not one, but two snows this week. Absolute craziness for Alabama. Schools and work were shut down for 3 if 5 days this week...except for those necessary people like pharmacists. Andrew had to work through the second snow and even had to spend a night in a hotel Wednesday night so he could get back to work Thursday morning.

Luckily genetic counseling is not quite as much of an emergency as getting prescriptions filled, so I could stay home. Andrews parents called and invited P and me over for dinner Wednesday right as snow began to fall. This was after a whole day of sitting around waiting on snow disappointedly.

I mean a friend texted about 3 pm and said she heard we had 7 inches of snow, and this was our backyard view at that moment.

So we packed up some overnight bags and headed to Ann and Gary's. I was not about to risk it and try to drive home on ice late at night in the country with no street lights.

Turns out good thing we left. Based ok the clocks when we got home Thursday afternoon, our power was off for 3 hours Wednesday evening...that would have been terrible.

We had way more fun where we were. Ann spoiled us with yummy food and we just hung out and watched the snow come down. It kept coming and coming. Sometime about 9 pm it started snowing harder than I have ever seen before...the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen before. I know #southernerproblems.

We went to bed with it still snowing and woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland of about 4 inches.

After breakfast we went and walked around in the show a little while. In the rush to get over there before I got snowed in at home I forgot to bring P's mittens and hat. So we improvised and he borrowed one of Granddaddys hats and a neighbor went and got some of her daughter's gloves for him to wear. He didn't seem to notice or mind that he was wearing purple polka dotted gloves. His hands were warm and that is all that mattered.

The neighborhood girls had built an awesome snow fort. Perry however had absolutely no interest in going inside. We chatted with the neighbors a while and then went back inside to attempt snow cream. It tasted good, but the snow was a little too icy by that point in the day. Would have been better right as it fell the night before.

We just hung out most of the rest of the day. Emily, Ben and Kate came over about lunchtime to hang out too. We played a few rounds of farkle and hit or miss while Perry napped. Perry got to open his Valentine from Granna and Granddaddy a day early too. He got a cute card and some more goldfish crackers...his favorite.

We came back home late afternoon to get settled in and wait for Andrew to finally get home after being gone two days.  And I did a little baking, just because. I have been wanting to work on finding a really good cut-out sugar cookie recipe. You know that doesn't make every shape look like the a marshmallow man. And by golly I think I have it figured out. Still need to work on the icing recipe and skills, but another task for another day.

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