Perry, Meet Snow

Thursday, February 13, 2014
Warning: lots of photos ahead, but your first born child only has his first snow day once.

After we woke up Tuesday morning and realized that Jack Frost had paid North Alabama a visit we had some breakfast, put on a few extra layers and headed outside. Actually I woke up for some reason about 4 am and immediately popped out of bed and peeked out the window to see the layer of white and drifted back to sleep a very happy girl. 

We couldn't wait to watch Perry experience snow for the first time. Perry has no snowsuit. Sorry son, but we live in Alabama and that is a completely ridiculous thing to have in your closet when you might need to use it once every 3 years. So we layered him up in jeans over some pj pants, shirt, jacket, socks and shoes. And then found a cute little tiger toboggan and some mittens buried deep in his closet. Those mittens were a lifesaver, as they forced P to keep his hat on, since he had no use of his fingers. He hates hats.

So here we go. Perry's first steps in the snow. The snow tripped him up initially, but he quickly got his "snow legs" and walked around no problem.

Perry had a great time exploring the snowy driveway and yard. He just toddled around all over the place. He is the cutest little snowbunny snow tiger! We played and played and played some more.

The neighborhood was a winter wonderland and it was beautiful. At least for a few hours before the sun came up, temperatures warmed up and it all melted away. Even by this point though the roads were just wet and totally passable.

We stayed out for 30 minutes or so, until P was happily covered in snow from head to toe. And his jeans were beginning to no longer be water if they ever were really. Then we headed back inside to give him a warm bath and take a good nap. 

It was such a fun snow day! Next time we get a good snow day P may be big enough to be begging us to go outside and play.

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