Perry's map, February 2014 edition

Saturday, February 8, 2014
It has been a while since I updated Perry's travel map and added some new states. He is doing pretty well for a 13 month old. Not to mention the fact that the this map does not reflect the fact that he has used his passport and traveled internationally as well. Lucky duck.

Since the last update I added Georgia which he has actually been to a lot. We went to the mountains of North Georgia for the Fourth of July last year and have been to Atlanta several times to see Kristen. He also took his first plane ride, to Florida, to visit the Mickey and go on a Disney cruise. There he got to use his very own passport to enter St. Maarten. Then over New Years we went just over the Georgia line into North Carolina for family getaway. Hopefully we will get to show him the rest of beautiful North Carolina (and our newlywed stomping grounds) someday. Of course he has been all over Alabama...but I think I will keep it clean and just make one mark the first time he visits any one state.

5 down, 45 to go

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