Sleeves are overrated

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Yesterday morning as I was finishing getting ready, Perry began to wake up and started to talk to himself and play in his crib. That lasted all of about 15 minutes before I went up to get him up and dressed and ready for the day.

When I walked in and saw this standing up and looking at me, I literally laughed out loud. 

And thought real hard about whether I had somehow failed at putting his pajamas on correctly the night before. Although I think that is a pretty fool-proof process. More likely scenario is this little boy has figured out how to get his arm out of his sleeve...the wrong way.

I would love to have seen it happen...and know at what point of the night or morning he got into that predicament. I bet his arm was a little cold though...crazy kid. I am so not ready for him to get the whole undressing thing figured out...I would like to maintain control of that for a good while longer.

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