Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday, February 2, 2014
We are finally falling into bed for the night. Gearing up for an incredibly busy week. We had a fun weekend. We didn't do too much because P was a little under the weather. Mucus started flowing from his nose last Thursday morning hand from his eyes by Thursday night (tmi, sorry). Andrew took him to see the doctor Friday just to make sure it was not pink eye or anything major, and he was diagnosed with a garden variety cold. So we just took it easy and hung around the house most of the weekend...and did about 10,000 loads of laundry (ok more like 7...but it seemed endless)...and washed and packed up all of Perry's bottles. Because we are officially done with formula and bottles. He had his last bottle Thursday night and it's all sippy cups and whole milk now. 

Friday night Andrew had a guys game night at our house so P and I went over to the Eckleys to hang out and go through Ben's 1-2 year old clothes and pick some out for Perry. I have been working on packing up all of his little baby clothes and making room for spring and summer clothes in his closet. I love kids clothes so much!

We stayed home from church this morning. Perry is feeling loads better but we didn't want to risk it in the nursery. So we streamed church on the tv at home. I love technology! And with a mug full of peppermint Land of a Thousand Hills coffee, it was almost like being there on person. 

We did get out to go see Ben play basketball Saturday and to watch the Super Bowl with some friends tonight. Perry tried to make friends with Mia the puppy. He would wave at her in her crate and just stand their and talk. So cute! He is an animal lover for sure. And he had a great time playing with sweet friends during the game.

We brought Perry's Little People farm play set for him to play with. Gina took the opportunity to teach him about life on the farm. Apparently this city girl mother doesn't use correct "farm jargon." Lol.

We got a little family snuggle time before we put Perry to bed shortly into the third quarter. Despite the game being totally one sided, it was a fun night. Bruno Mars put on a great halftime show (minus whatever that was that the Red Hot Chilli Peppers did). And there were some good commercials (and some really bad ones)...but entertaining nonetheless. Even better was just hanging out with friends for the night. Now time to get some sleep and being on the work week. Goodnight y'all!

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