The things we do for our kids

Wednesday, February 5, 2014
It is 4:53 am as I am starting to write this post. Sitting in the parking lot of Mayfair Child Development Center, where we have been perched for the last oh 11 hours or so. Why? Preschool enrollment gets underway in just another hour for the "community" (aka not currently enrolled families or church members).

Since before P was born we had plans for him to attend Mayfair for preschool, since we had heard such good things and his big cousin Kate is there. They don't enroll kiddos until they are atleast one and only enroll one time a year, February for the upcoming fall.

It is such a sweet preschool with a great reputation and we loved it when we toured. We have has this date marked on the calendar for a long time. Then last Friday happened and I called to check on spots after currently enrolled families registered and there was just one left. Then called Monday after church members registered and they were all filled...we were so bummed...and started coming up with other preschool options for full time or some combination of part time preschool and part time nanny/family. For a brief moment we regretted not having become Church of Christ members over the last couple months, and then came back to our senses that God is in control and has a plan for our little boy. 

Then there director called what is now yesterday morning to say they decided to open up a few more spots so we could come this morning and try to snag one of them. 

So here we are. I was by myself for a few hours yesterday evening but then Andrew came to help wait and some other cars started showing up to wait themselves about 8. Now at 5 am there is quite the line parked outside. Travis and Gina graciously let Perry have a sleepover at their house last night so mom and dad could pull the all nighter together. I am so hoping that sweet boy is still fast asleep right now and that they had an uneventful night.

Andrew has gotten some good sleep in the car.

Me, not so much. I have had lots of time to get caught up on email, blog reading, Facebook trolling and the such. From here it is to get a large cup of caffeine to make it though a workday before I can fall into bed tonight.

Now it is 6 am and Hip Hip Horray we got a spot!

So its off to chickfila for a celebratory breakfast before heading off to work for me and for Andrew to pick up P. 

Apparently Perry slept great for Gina and Travis. Good boy.

Oh the things we will do for our kids. To let them grow and develop in the environment we feel is the best place for them to be.

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