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Monday, March 24, 2014
At dinner tonight Perry was offered a great many things. We were at piccadilly (and brought the average age of the patrons down a good many decades) so there was not a shortage of food to offer. Perry wanted nothing to do with the chopped steak, or the chicken fingers. No he wanted green beans...all of them...and okra. He ate them like they were made of candy.

I met up with Andrew and P at the mall after work because we needed to pick up Andrew's new glasses at lenscrafters. We were both in dire need for new glasses as of late. Andrew even more than me considering his previous pair were on their last leg being held together with super glue the last couple of weeks.

My bags are packed and I am headed to Nashville tomorrow morning for the remainder of the week for the American College of Medical Genetics meeting. Nerd alert I know. I am going to miss my boys but am excited for a week of genetics learning and being reunited with friends. Andrew and P are going to come up Saturday to meet me and we will spend some family time in Nashville for the remainder of the weekend. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can do some fun outdoor activities.

The conference wound up on top of Huntsville's spring break week. Normally not a big deal, but it has caused some childcare issues with our nanny and much of our family out of town this week. Not the best time for mommy to be gone too. But we are incredibly grateful for our amazing lifegroup that has stepped in to fill the gaps later on this week. Ross made the point in his sermon this weekend that you should have and should be a "2 am friend" (that person you can call on at 2 am if you need them). We are blessed beyond measure to have those kind of friends, that will spend their days and evenings hanging out with our little boy.

So if I am MIA for the next few days it is because the most interesting thing happening in my life is learning all about the natural history and etiology of rare genetic conditions. And I will spare you all those details. Now I had better go finish packing and shining my cowboy boots (just kidding).

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