Earwax and errands

Saturday, March 8, 2014
That was the theme of yesterday. I got to spend the morning talking to several groups of students at Hampton Cove Elementary during Career Day. A month or so ago a letter was brought home by Ben addressed to me asking me to be a career day speaker. Apparently being a genetic counselor is far cooler than being a pharmacist or dietitian, so the Aunt got asked over the parents. No hard feelings Em.

It was on a day that I was scheduled to be off, but I was able to get Julia to keep P for the morning so I could go speak. I get career day requests a lot and often turn them down because my work schedule just doesn't allow it...but hI couldn't say no to Ben.

They scheduled me to talk to three fourth grade classes and two first grade classes (including Ben's). It was definitely a challenge to figure out how to explain the basics of what I do to an elementary school audience. Most of what we do in education at work is targeted more to a middle and high school audience where the course of study linkages are more clear. But it was a good challenge and stretched me to find explanations and examples that first and fourth grade students would understand and be interested in.

Therefore I said the word "ear wax" probably 230 times yesterday. Everybody knows what ear wax is. But probably everyone doesn't know that ear wax comes in two varieties...wet and dry...which are determined by your DNA. It is a really cool (and slightly icky) case of simple mendelian genetics.

I loved getting to see this guy in his classroom. I had to enlist his help at one point to show the class what it looks like to be able to roll your tongue. Because well...I can't.

After career day I came home and got some stuff done around the house while Perry napped, then we went out and ran a bunch of errands like visiting a consignment shop and picking up our race packet for the Care Center 5k/fun run we did this morning. Then we grabbed some dinner and went and visited with grandma for a while before coming home and getting ready for bed. It was an super fun Friday.

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