Finally Friday

Friday, March 7, 2014
I am so glad to see Friday finally roll around. It has been one of those weeks. Those weeks where your to-do list each day is just a little longer than the day is long and you feel yourself getting a little further behind with each passing day. Two unexpected days home with P early this week caused some havoc on my productivity level. And that is how I wound up still sitting at my computer at 2 am Thursday morning just trying to get the "on fire" things marked off the to-do list.

People who manage to work from home have some greater work ethic and skill set that I do not have. I personally find it really hard to sit sit and do "real work"during Perry's precious nap time in a house where there are toys to pick up, laundry to do, and unwatched episodes of The Voice on the DVR.

I am so looking forward to a weekend where there is a little more "margin" in the schedule. But before I can officially start the weekend, I am heading over to Hampton Cove Elementary School this morning to speak at Career Day. I think I get to speak to Ben's first grade class and then several fourth grade classes. It will be fun to get to share my love for genetics with them and teach them some things about DNA (and earwax). Who knows maybe there will be a future genetic counselor in one of those classes.

Despite all the stress of the week, I have had so much fun getting some extra snuggle time with this precious boy. One of my favorite things these days is to get him to laugh, I mean really really laugh. It is the sweetest sound.

Forgive the shaggy hair, I promise one of the few things that is on our weekend to-do list is getting Perry a much needed hair cut.

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