Multitasking cookie cutters

Thursday, March 13, 2014
So my OCD, type-A personality may have hit a new high (or new low) on my day off yesterday. While looking up another DIY craft idea online, I stumbled upon a blog of a mom who makes super cute lunches for her kids. She has all kinds of specialized kitchen tools for making lunches works of art, which I do not have. But it inspired me as I was packing Perry's breakfast and lunch today to spruce them up a little bit and care a little more about the "presentation." Because that is what 14 month olds care about when they eat.

What I did have on hand were springtime cookie cutters, and a quiche I had made earlier in the day. Making a bunny shaped slice of quiche for Perry to eat for breakfast just made my heart happy. Then while I was at it I made his lunch sandwich shaped like a flower. So simple, but so cute.

I know that you would rather see pictures of our sweet boy than his here you go:

I got to go into clinic a little late this morning so I had some extra time to play with P before work. He is all about some books right now.

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