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Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Sunday was a beautiful day. Sunny and 75 degrees is good for your soul, especially when some unwanted bacteria or virus has been plaguing our house for the last week. I came home from Florida to a little boy who was on the mend from a stomach bug, who shared that bug with his Daddy, Granna and Granddaddy who were taking care of him while momma was away.

I stayed well most of the week and thought I had avoided the issue, but was just really tired Thursday night from a long day at work. I woke up Friday feeling good and headed to Birmingham for an all day conference. Driving home Friday night I quickly realized that I was not ok. When it is 60 something degrees outside and you have your heat and seat warmers on because you are are sick...with a fever. Luckily I got home in time to confirm that suspicion and get to the doc in the box 10 minutes before they closed. Strep and Flu were negative and the doctor assumes I got whatever it is everyone else had, but it just caused different symptoms. Regardless, a couple shots and prescriptions later, I was feeling really good by mid-day on Saturday.

However to be cautious I remained in solitary confinement through Saturday night and missed our favorite nephew's 7th birthday celebration. I hated to miss it, but did not want to take a chance on getting Gary sick again. Sounds like the party was tons of fun and Perry ate his body weight in mexican food and cookie cake.

The weekend got much better on Sunday, weather and health wise. We spent much of Sunday afternoon outdoors, playing at the playground, getting some frozen yogurt and taking a long walk around the neighborhood. 

Perry looked super cute in his nautical anchor outfit Sunday. It was a little big on him in the fall and is not verging on small...but a break in the winter weather was the perfect time to let him wear it. And it also just so happened to be Panhellenic's international badge day and Delta Gamma's love our anchors. I had to get a picture of me in my badge and my sweet little anchor boy.

The spring-like weather was short lived though since yesterday morning we woke up to threats of ice and a winter weather advisory. You stay crazy, Alabama weather.

Another curve ball hit when our nanny texted Sunday to say that she wound up with the stomach bug over the weekend. Seriously, this bug is super virulent. So I am getting some unexpected days off with my boy early this week, trying to get some work done during naps.

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