Ohana means family

Saturday, March 1, 2014
The night before the race we had an amazing dinner at 'Ohana. We got over to the Poly a few minutes early so we spent some time wandering the resort and pier and sweet talked a cast member into giving us leis.

The word Ohana means family in Hawaiian culture and all the food is appropriately served family style. Oh my word the food was amazing, every bit of it, from the salads, to the potstickers and noodles, to the unlimited and numerous kinds of meat that are brought around and offered on large skewers. One of the best parts was the amazing pineapple-coconut bread. I think we ate almost two loaves right there at dinner, and blamed it on the need to carb-load before the race.

We sweetly asked our server for a loaf to-go to eat for breakfast the next morning. Since it is an all you can eat kind of meal, getting things to go is generally frowned upon, but next thing we know we are brought another loaf on a plate and an extra large to-go cup for some "water." Just a little bit of disney magic.

And to top of a great meal, dessert consisted of one of the best bread puddings I have ever eaten.

Highly recommend 'Ohana to anyone, and it will definitely live on my repeat restaurant list.

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