One fish, two fish, red fish, bonefish

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
About a year ago, Andrew and I attended a fundraiser event and silent auction benefiting UCP. It was one of our first real dates after having Perry and was such a fun night. At the silent auction we won several things, one of which was a Bonefish Grill "Excursion for Eight." Five course tasting event for us and six friends? Um, where do we sign up.

The voucher had an expiration date of a year so we decided to wait for a while to use it, and it sat there staring at us for almost the entire year. A few weeks ago the looming expiration date finally forced us to schedule the thing. Conveniently, our lifegroup is a group of 8, so it made lots of sense to do the dinner for a Tuesday night lifegroup gathering. Bonefish was incredible accommodating to us in getting it scheduled even though Tuesday is a busy night for them.

So we all met up at Bonefish last night at 6 pm and didn't quite know what we were in for...and if we had known...probably would have fasted all day, maybe all week, in preparation. It was the easiest most care-free dining experience ever. No need to look at a menu or pick anything. Food literally just kept showing up for us to try and share. Appetizers, huge platters of bang bang shrimp and mussels, trays of amazing fish and steak, salads, bread, and on and on. Lots and lots of seafood of course. We got to try all kinds of things we might not typically order, like mussels and tuna. The waiter encouraged us to "pace" ourselves and continued to remind us that there were still many courses to come. And when we thought we were done and quite satisfied he came by and said "just one more round of proteins and then I will bring out your five desserts." Oh my gosh.

One of about a dozen plates of "protein."

For dessert, they brought us "one of everything"

Three and a half hours later, the aftermath on the table

Perry went with us and was a good trooper through an epically long dinner. His favorite part was not the food, but rather the 6 month old girl at the next table over that he couldn't keep his eyes off of.

The whole experience was awesome, made even more awesome by the fact that we got an amazing deal on it thanks to the auction and what we paid went to a good cause. That is a win-win-win. It is like charitable eating. I think we all may have left a few pounds heavier...but happy.

And as good as the food was, even more important was the fact that we got to hang out with share the experience with our sweet lifegroup. We love these people so much!

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