Princess half marathon weekend, day 5

Monday, March 3, 2014

It's not a true Disney trip without some matching shirts. I originally planned for some iron-on fun, but decided that was not going to be good for me type-A OCD nature. I wisely left the printing to some fantastic local professionals. The pretty tags and ribbon, that was much more up my alley. It was fun to have a little happy to give to the other GC girls, and comfy long sleeved shirts came in handy quite a few times over the weekend.

Whew. Time to wrap up all these disney posts and talk about the last day. Kristen, Christine and Kimmie were driving back to Georgia on Monday, while I was flying home with Emily, Matt and Paige. Our flight did not leave Orlando until 7 pm so we had another good day in the parks before we had to leave. We went back to the Magic Kingdom but honestly did not do too much since we had pretty much already done everything. We did a swan song ride on the mountains (Space and Big Thunder), Buzz Lightyear and had some laughs on the Monsters, Inc Laugh Floor. We also just wandered around some and soaked up some last drops of disney magic. It was Paige's birthday so we also helped her eat a funnel cake to celebrate.

It started to sprinkle rain again about lunch time and we were pretty over the crowds that would inevitably be filling all the restaurants in the Magic Kingdom. So we decided to take a boat over to the Grand Floridian for a quick lunch. That turned out to be a great plan since the quick service restaurant there was practically empty and it is always fun to walk around that spectacular resort.

By the end of lunch it was time to make our way back to our resort and to the airport and say farewell to Mickey and Walt Disney World. Thankfully we already have reservations to visit again this fall (with families in tow). So just as we get home and get this trip wrapped up it is time to start planning the next one.

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