Say Cheese!

Saturday, March 22, 2014
Perry loves attention. That is a fact. I can think of multiple times just today that he stared at or waved at complete strangers until they made a fuss over him. No sense of "stranger danger" at all. We were in a restaurant once and a lady told us that she could tell that he feels exceedingly loved and secure to be so social. I'll take it. He is definitely a flirt and a ham. I love when I can catch his sweet and funny personality on camera. Just look at that face...

This morning Perry and I had to run some errands and decided to stop by the botanical gardens for some play time while we were out. The weather was a nice "not too hot, not too cold" temperature and the gardens were totally empty. We pretty much had the place to ourselves. We played and played.

I broke out the good camera and played around a little bit with lenses and manual mode. I really need some more practice before I would ever trust myself to be in manual to capture something important. I also need to be better about keeping my nice camera with me more and stop relying on the iPhone for all my photography needs.

Perry didn't quite know what to think about the chess set that was literally life size for him. We got to sit by the lake for a while and Perry got a chance to meet and talk about some real ducks. Andrew and I took him downtown a few nights ago to feed the ducks (and geese) and he loved it. Although he got sad whenever we started strolling again and left the ducks behind. I think he has got the concept that ducks are real animals and not just rubber things he plays with in the bath. And for now I think we are ok with a goose being a "duck", for simplicity sake. 

The botanical garden was starting a sand sculpture project today. Apparently by the end of the week this pile of sand will be transformed into a work of art. Hopefully we can see the finished product via social media later this week. Any guesses of what it is?

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