Some things about Perry

Monday, March 10, 2014
I was thinking earlier that it has been a while since I took time to write down some of the cute and quirky things Perry has been doing and learning lately. So here is a in-no-particular-order, highly random, list of eight things you might want to know about Perry.

1. Perry does not like broccoli. Evidenced by the fact that he picked it out of his stirfry dinner tonight and tossed it on the floor.

2. Perry's vocabulary is finally starting to expand. His favorite word is da-da. But he also can say ball, duck, tigger, uh-oh, and a barnyard full of animal noises.

3. Perry is starting to transition to just one good nap a day, usually right after lunch.

4. Perry's current favorite toys are books, balls and an electronic tigger that bounces and talks.

5. Perry has no concept of "stranger danger." He will smile and wave at anyone. The other day we were walking through a parking lot and someone started waving at I racked my brain to figure out how we knew the people I realized they were just returning the friendly wave perry was giving them.

6. Perry can also give kisses (sound effect included) when he is in the mood. Granna and Granddaddy worked on this skill set while mommy was out of town a couple weeks ago. It is the sweetest sound.

7. Perry bites his straws when he drinks, just like his mother.

8. Perry has officially graduated to nursery B at church. He seems to be liking the bigger kids and expanded toy selection. However the number of tears shed during nursery drop off has dramatically increased recently. Thankfully though he gets over it quickly after we leave. Out of sight, out of mind.

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