What does the dog say?

Monday, March 17, 2014
We had a great weekend. No huge plans but we got a lot done and spent a lot of time playing with Perry. Saturday morning we ran a bunch of errands. Picked up a new pair of glasses I ordered (and now I have more than one pair...which is good when you can't wear contacts anymore), and meandered target to get a baby gift and a bunch of American food rations to send with Gina and Travis to Africa. They are headed over soon to visit with some friends who are serving as missionaries, and who miss certain things we take for granted like cake/muffin mixes and frosting.

After a few more errands we came home for naps. We must have worn Perry out good because he slept from 2-6 pm. And we actually woke him up at 6 because well four hours is a goodly long nap and we needed to be at the Eckleys for dinner at 6:30. Emily and Matt had their relatives/our friends, Brett and Joanna, over for dinner while they were in town for the weekend from Houston. It was great to see them and catch up over hamburgers and a game of "beat the parents."

Yesterday we had a great morning at church and lunch with friends. The sermon was great and all about how to live out a life of prayer. Then we came home and Perry napped while I got in a much overdue run. Last night we went out to dinner with Adrienne and Chad and came home to get ready for the week.

Perry looked super cute in his blue puppy dog outfit yesterday.

This, however, was not such a cute moment. Can you believe that we wouldn't let him climb the stairs? Don't worry, I snapped the picture right before Andrew picked him up for a hug and a loving explanation of why stairs are dangerous.

And if you follow me on facebook/instagram you probably saw the video of P explaining to us what a puppy dog says. In case you were wondering, it says "woof woof." Brilliant. And I may or may not have heard the word "mama" come out of his mouth a time or two this weekend. It is still too ambiguous to call it a definite new word. I'll keep you posted.

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