An Eggcellent Evening

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Friday evening Perry, Kristen and I got to dye Easter eggs with the Eckleys. We had been trying to find a chance to do so all week, but our schedules were just not jiving. Thankfully we could make it happen Friday evening.

It was not pinterest perfect crafting at all, but it was fun and simple and sweet family time.. We started off with a yummy pizza dinner then we set up our egg dying station.

Perry sat in a booster seat and oversaw all the dying action.

He desperately wanted to be involved. We finally gave in an handed him a finished and dry egg. He inspected it and apparently decided that the egg looked a lot like a ball and proceeded to throw it in the floor. Thank goodness the egg was hard-boiled and could handle the fall.

Our lovely handy work:

After egg dying we were invited over for a fire pit and real life s'mores making with Ann and Gary. Yummy! It was so fun. The kids looked so precious in their little line of adirondack chairs.

PS - jumbo marshmallows live up to their name...and definitely impact the chocolate, graham and mallow ratio of a s'more. Beware. Kristen made it work though with her double decker s'more.

We all took turns chasing P around keeping him far away from the open flames. It was a perfect Spring evening. After we all had our fill of s'mores and plain ol' toasted marshmallows we headed home for some rest before a busy Saturday of Easter fun. 

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