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Saturday, April 5, 2014
When Perry was little we were big followers of the Baby Wise book and methods. Everyone has their advice and opinions, but Baby Wise came highly recommended by bunches of friends and it worked really well for us. One of the many take home messages we took to heart was to be mindful in the bedtime routine you establish for your child. I remember the book saying something to the effect of "it is great to cuddle and rock and sing and read to your children, but do those things all through the day when your child is awake...but when it is time for bed don't let them become reliant on some complicated and long routine to be able to go to sleep." Or something to that effect, in much more eloquent words.

We never sat down and created a plan for bedtime, it kind of just evolved as most good traditions do. Our friend Kristen bought Perry this little goodnight book right after he was born callled Good night, my love by Sandra Magsamen.

The words are just a sweet and simple bedtime poem. We started reading it to Perry as we put him to bed every night as we wrapped him in his miracle blanket and tuck him into the bassinet beside our bed. Before long we had the whole (short) thing memorized and no longer needed to pull the book from the shelf.

And still every night as we carry Perry up to bed and place him in his crib we recite:

"Goodnight my little buttercup, it's off to bed for you
Goodnight my precious baby bear, may all your dreams come true
Goodnight my little monkey, it's time to close your eyes
Goodnight my little sunshine, tomorrow you will rise
Goodnight my love, sweet dreams, sleep tight
I love, love, love you - nighty night."

And thats it. We give him a kiss and walk away. Every once in a while P doesn't want to go to sleep right away (and will talk to himself or cry just a little bit), but most nights he goes straight to sleep. We are not disillusioned to think that the poem, or our routine, or even Baby Wise has created a child that goes to and stays asleep really well - but wanted to share our routine and poem for Perry to look back on one day and know what his early bedtimes were like.

We love, love, love you Pear Bear!

(and PS - Mommy and Daddy thank you for being such a good sleeper)

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