Double Helix Dash 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014
Tuesday night was HudsonAlpha's annual Double Helix Dash. The Dash is a spring twilight 5k and 1 mile fun run to raise funds for research at HudsonAlpha. The run this year raised funds for our pediatric genomics research project which is a large part of what I do at work these days.

After last year's run in the freezing cold we were really hoping for awesome spring weather this year. But instead it threatened rain all day. Luckily the rain held off until after the event and was just a little cloudy and breezy. Could have been much worse running weather.

I haven't run much in the last couple weeks because life has just gotten in the way a little bit so it was really nice to have a time set aside to get out and run a few miles. Andrew and Perry came up to work to cheer me on. So nice having their smiling faces at the finish line.

Jen and I started and ended the race together which was awesome! I love that they got some aerial shots of us on the park. So fun!

The final 0.6 miles was the best part because it was weaving through the double helix shaped sidewalks. 

And if that was not nerdy enough the park has also been transformed into a scaled model of the human genome with signs all along the way pointing out the location of and information about 150 or so genes. So it was really fun to literally run through the genome...and the passing signs made for some interesting reading.

I think my next race is the Cotton Row 10K in May. Just a little longer and a lot more hilly. Need to go find some mountains to run on before that one.

After the dash Andrew, Perry and I met up with lifegroup (sans Jay and Rea who was not feeling well) at Logans for some dinner. Made for a very fun and full Tuesday evening!

It is now Thursday evening and I am exhausted. The busyness of this week at work has finally caught up with me. Perry is currently talking himself to sleep and I think I am just minutes behind him. Especially since I am due to report to the Space and Rocket Center at 6:15 tomorrow morning for my shift at the Human Exploration Rover Challenge (previously known as the Great Moonbuggy Race). Coffee will be necessary and I am sure I will have more than one "what was I thinking when I signed up for this" thought...but it will be great fun I am sure.

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