Headed off the grid

Saturday, April 26, 2014
Thought I would get one more post up before we go off the grid for a couple days.

P woke up early this morning by central timezone standards. Not that I can blame him...it was not a normal night when his first few hours of sleep were on an airplane and hotel shuttle. We grabbed some free breakfast at the hotel and decided to hop on the first shuttle to the port at 10. 

We were in line to embark by about 10:30 which went smoothly thanks to getting there early and having in-laws that are platinum cruisers (we will be after this cruise), so we got to go with them into special lines and waiting areas. We said multiple times...it's good to know people. We had to sit and wait until noon to actually board, but it was great to be one of the first ones on so we could get lunch and to our room before nap time.

Perry made some new friends out of strangers, ate lots of goldfish and ran around to pass the time waiting. I did get him to sit still long enough for one picture...

Perry enjoyed his first meal onboard. The servers are so amazingly attentive, especially to little ones...offering to cook us whatever we want (at a buffet)...and finding us whole milk. Seriously had to say multiple times no you don't have to go cook him some  special broccoli and carrots, he will like these green beans just fine. Lol.

Now Andrew and I are stretched out on lounge chairs on our oversized balcony, while p sleeps soundly inside. When picking out our room I spent a lot of time with google and cruisecritic.com selecting the perfect one. I read about these great corner balcony rooms that were huge with huge balconies, and no more in price than a regular balcony. I think it has something to do with the slightly awkward pole in the middle of the room... But I will gladly take that with all the extra space.

Hopefully p will nap from now until muster drill, then we can so some ship exploration before dinner. For now I am going to go back to laying here doing absolutely nothing.

See you in a few days!

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