I might be overthinking this

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Tomorrow is a big milestone...at least in my mind. Before Perry was born we got everything all set up for a year of baby photography. Simplicity by Christy has a fabulous baby plan that includes four photo sessions over the first year, prints and a coffee table book. We have loved all Perry's pictures and Christy was great in working with us to wait and do the last outdoor photo session once it is a little warmer (not so much for outdoor photos in early January).

Tomorrow is our last session. Far from the last photos we will take and have taken of Perry, but still one more reminds that we have a one year old toddler who has graduated from the "baby plan."

I always forget how much pictures stress me out until they are upon me. There are just so many things to decide and pick out and you want things to look just "so." My evening has consisted of picking out lots of clothes...texting pictures of dozens of options to Ann for a virtual wardrobe consult and making sure they are all clean and ironed. 

This is how I would up with this ridiculous picture on my phone.

No, he is not wearing that combination of clothes tomorrow. I just forgot to try clothes on to see if they fit until after the jammies were already in place.

Although one perk of having a boy is that I can forego stress about P's hairstyle, bows, the color of his nails, etc (just mine). I'm not sure I could handle it. 

But I think we are all set, the weather should be gorgeous, and no matter what Perry will be precious I am sure.

For now, it is time for bed. Here's to not dreaming of jon jon's and sandals and smocking.


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