Joining the #tbt party

Thursday, April 3, 2014
I am happy to report that we survived the photo shoot yesterday with just a couple tears, one skinned knee, and lots of smiles. My goodness it is a hard job to get a 15 month old busy boy to stand still facing a column for any length of time. Perry did great though and I can't wait to see the proofs in a couple weeks.

Thursdays on social media are always good for a laugh or two. It seems like everyone is jumping on the #tbt (hashtag Throw Back Thursday) bandwagon, finding a gem of an old picture to post for others' amusement.

Due to a total lack of anything more interesting to post about today, I will leave you with this - a picture from what appears to be a GA (Girls in Action) sleepover at church. If you are a good southern baptist girl raised in the 90's you will know exactly what I am talking about.

There is so much awesome happening in this picture...the clothes...the hair...the hair rollers?!? And we were having a super awesome time...rocking it like it really is 1997.

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