Spring has sprung

Sunday, April 13, 2014
Springtime is finally here and we are enjoying every second of the awesome weather before the hot days of summer hit. After naps yesterday we had a few more good hours of sunlight (a welcome change from the winter and sunsets at 4:30 pm) so we ventured up to Burritt for a little while. We love being members because it is free and we can go up there and stay just for an hour or so and it still be "worth it."

Perry looked super cute in his Easter bunny shirt. He loved running around and seeing all the animals. Springtime and new birth was all around us, evidenced by the little baby sheep in the picture below. He/she was so cute. We also got some good laughs at this cow who was intent on licking the grass just outside his fence.

Perry also liked visiting with the baby chicks.

Afterwards we went out to Madison to Stevie B's for dinner because we had the time and were in the mood to try something new. It is kind of like a Cici's, but nicer and with fresher ingredients. P was a fan. I think he ate an entire slice of pizza and half a breadstick.

This weekends other tasks included cleaning out much of our garage (thanks to some awesome grandparents that invited P over for a sleep over Friday night) and making room for all of Perry's summer outdoor toys and modes of transportation. Cozy coupes, wagons, bubble mowers and the like take up a ton of space and now we have room and easy access to them. Andrew bless his heart spent more than a couple hours last night assembling the wagon Perry got for his birthday from my dad. We spared no expense and picked out the "cadillac" of wagons. Because it was the one that came with an umbrella on top and we thought that was a necessary feature for our little fair skinned, red headed boy. A little more assembly was required than expected...but it is awesome and we can't wait to take P out for a spin maybe a little later on today. He will be riding in style for sure.

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