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Good days start with french toast

Saturday, May 31, 2014
It has been an awesome Saturday. Perry is continuing his sleeping in trend so I had to wake him up at 8:10 so we could get to family breakfast on time. Andrew says he is already turning into a teenager because he sleeps in until 9 and ate a slice and a half of pizza for dinner the other night.

We met up with Daddy, Aunt T, and Aunt Kay for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. It was great to get caught up on life with them. And Cracker Barrel makes the best breakfast. Perry and I shared some french toast, eggs, and sausage.

This afternoon we went over to Travis and Gina's house so I could help Travis sand and stain our new pantry shelves while Perry napped soundly in his pack and play inside. We are in the process of a total overhaul of our pantry. Goodbye wire shelving and hello wood shelves and cabinets. I am really glad that it worked out that I could go help with some of the labor this afternoon and learn how to stain wood. It is actually really quite fun. Operation pantry renovation is officially underway. I can't wait to see the finished product. And we are so so thankful for good friends who are super handy and talented at stuff like this and are willing to spend their weekends helping us with this project.

Our day finished off with Kate's spring dance recital. Andrew got off at 6 and was able to meet us there to watch her dance. Kate did great and looked super cute in her costume. Fortunately her class danced third so we didn't have to keep a wiggly toddler sitting in an auditorium for too long, but Perry really loved the music and watching the dancers. And clapped happily along.

The other excitement around our house today was the arrival of Perry's new bedding for his big boy room. It has been quite the saga getting the bedding that I had my heart set on. Unsolicited advice: be careful about falling in love with something you see on Pinterest and know that not all companies are allowed to ship to the US. I was able to get creative and with some help of a friend we met on a cruise last year who lives in the UK, the bedding is arrived here today safe and sound and it is perfect (thank you Clare). And I feel like superwoman. The things moms do for their kids. : )

Popsicles and playtime

Friday, May 30, 2014
Summertime means the Greene St. outdoor market is back on Thursday nights. It rained a ton yesterday, but it let up in the evening and cooled the temperatures off making it a great night to stroll the market. Andrew, Perry and I met up with Granna and Grandaddy for a quick dinner and then Andrew went into work a couple hours while the rest of us headed downtown. We got some veggies, and bread, tried lots of yummy samples and of course had to get a popsicle to enjoy while we meandered around.

I am off today with P and this morning we made a last minute impromptu decision to go to the preschool open gym hour (called Whiz Kids) at the Matrix. The last time we were there it was for a church playdate when Perry was like 6 months old...he crawled around a little and watched kids play while I chatted with other moms. This time he was running all over the place, climbing and jumping. He had a blast and burned off lots of energy. Hopefully his nap while be a good one this afternoon. It was also fun to see him interact and watch other kids. He is definitely social and wants to be in on the playtime action.

The funniest thing was when he realized one of the walls in the room was a mirror (see bottom right photo below). He stood there for 30 seconds smiling and laughing at himself.

Thats the fun we have been up to the last 24 hours. Looking forward to a fun weekend!

Memorial Day 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014
Memorial Day started early. Not long after the Princess Half Marathon I signed up to run the Memorial Day Cotton Row Run 10k (along with Emily and Paige). It is the quintessential Huntsville race and it sounded fun. This was also back when I was quite used to running long distances and the weather was more than a couple degrees cooler. Skip forward a couple months and while I have been able to keep up running a couple times a week (on good weeks), I have not kept with the distance runs and had not run more than a 5k since February.

But we did it. I met up with Emily downtown a little after 6 and it was already getting hot.

After some patriotic festivities and an invocation we were off. I have always heard about the terrible hill in the cotton row race course, but no verbal description can quite do justice to what that hill actually is. It is not a good sign when they have had to grate the pavement so cars do not slip down it. And situated between miles 3-4, it is just brutal, or maybe I am just out of shape, or both. Paige totally smoked Emily and I, but it was fun that we got to run (and walk...ahem) the last mile or so and cross the finish line together.

Andrew had to head into work at 10, so he met me at the finish line for a congratulations, a sweaty hug and to pass off Perry.

After the race Perry and I came home and had a chill morning of playing indoors and lunch before his nap. That evening we loaded up our cornhole boards, toddler toys and some snacks and headed over to Travis and Gina's for a Memorial Day cookout. Travis' parents were still in town and several other friends came too. It was tons of fun. Perry was excited Will (along with his parents and little baby brother) was able to come so he had a friend to play with. Will is just two months older than P so they were good playmates and both sporting their red, white and blue outfits.

Meanwhile Travis grilled up some yummy hamburgers and deer sausage and the girls prepped the other food in the kitchen. Then we ate dinner al fresco on the patio.

It was a fun night to just sit outside, talk, play with kids and ward off mosquitos. And take lots of pictures. Our cute little patriotic fellow was happy to be the center of attention. I am happy to report that he got a much overdue haircut this morning and can now see the world unobstructed again.

Perry bonded with Travis' mom, Ms Wanda, this weekend. If you know Perry, you know he has never met a stranger, but the first time Ms Wanda picked him up at dinner Saturday night he immediately just laid his little head on her shoulder. I think in this picture they were having a deep conversation about the dangers of fire.

Me, Gina and Adrienne

Once the sun went down it was time to light up the fire pit for some s'mores. Yummy! Thanks Gina and Travis for having us over to celebrate Memorial Day!

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Impromptu family cookout

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Our super fun Memorial Day weekend continued Sunday night with an impromptu family cookout over at Ann and Gary's. Like we decided at church that morning to get together. If you looked at the spread of food they put together you would have thought we had been planning it for weeks. Complete with grilled pork chops, corn, beans, salad and brownie sundaes. It was awesome. Perry was a big fan of the baked beans, as seen in the picture below. He was in dire need of a bath afterwards. Apparently he knew it too because as soon as we went inside from dinner Perry ran straight to Granna and Grandaddy's bathroom and turned on the bathtub water. Haha!

We also had some friendly games of cornhole. Andrew and I might have beaten Emily and Matt, but who is keeping score. : ) I love this picture of the excitement when Ben got a beanbag on the board.

Perry figured out quickly, like with golf, there is a much more efficient method of reaching the goal of the game.

And Kate helped entertain him some by pushing him around in his car so he wouldn't get nailed in the head with a flying bean bag.  And we couldn't leave without getting a sweet cousins and grandaddy picture. It is like wrestling three monkeys to get them all smiling at the camera at the same time.

We had a great time! We are so blessed to be living so close to and doing life with our family on a weekly basis, where impromptu family dinners and game nights are not an uncommon occurrence.

Another funny Perry story from the weekend before I forget. Apparently Perry had something very important to discuss with his Aunt Emily yesterday afternoon because he facetime called her...all by himself. I was in the kitchen and suddenly heard a voice in the living room that was not on the television saying "hi perry." When I walked in there Perry was holding my phone facetiming with Emily and Gary. He had picked up my phone, unlocked it and called Emily. I think it might be high time to put a passcode on our phones. Talk about a technology generation.

A tale of two outfits

Monday, May 26, 2014
It has been a spectacular Memorial Day weekend around our house. I am sad to see the long weekend come to a close and head back to the work week tomorrow. Grateful for holidays and family time, but especially grateful for those men and women who have served and continue to serve our country and maintain our freedoms. Thank you.

We knew Saturday was going to be a good day from the moment we all woke up. At 9:15 am. No joke, Perry the 17 month old slept till 9:15. He has been sleeping in lots lately, but this morning was exceptional.  I am so ok with his new sleep schedule. Once we got moving we decided to go eat brunch at Another Broken Egg and Perry got to eat beignets for the first time. We weren't sure if he would like them since he turned his nose up at doughnuts the other week, but he did. And we justified him having dough covered in powdered sugar by telling ourselves it is a "breakfast food."

After brunch it was not too hot outside yet so we went up on green mountain to the Nature Trail. That place will always have a special place in our hearts, especially the covered bridge where Andrew proposed. Perry did a great job walking on the uneven terrain but eventually got tired about half way around the trail and we carried him the rest of the way. We got him good and tired and he fell fast asleep on the way home for nap time.

I thought Perry looked super cute when I dressed him for brunch Saturday morning in his little collared shirt and bubble shorts. Andrew not so much. In fact he might have even used the word ridiculous and said that his clothes needed to be changed before our evening festivities. Granted our evening plans included an arena football game, so not exactly seersucker and bubble shorts appropriate perhaps.

So Perry got a wardrobe change after nap into a polo and (not bubble) plaid shorts. We went to dinner and to the Alabama Hammers arena football game with Gina, Travis and Travis' parents who were in town for the weekend. It was good for a mid year football fix, but not nearly as entertaining as watching our Tigers play. It was a fun night hanging with friends and trying to figure out all the differences between what we were watching and "normal football."

Here's Gina and Perry (in his Daddy approved clothes)

One perk of small fields and venues is you get to be pretty close to the football action, even up in the cheap seats. The Hammers won, big time. Perry did great sitting through the game and staying up a little (more like a lot) past his bedtime. We did take a break at halftime and go have an impromptu dance party in the lobby and burn off some energy.

It was a fantastic day that started and ended very differently, from frou-frou brunch in preppy seersucker clothes to manly clothes and arena football. I guess it is good that Perry is getting raised with a little dose of both.

Bring on the summer

Friday, May 23, 2014
"Bees'll buzz. Kids'll blow dandelion fuzz. And I'll be doing whatever snow does. In SUMMER!"

Now that you have Olaf singing that song  stuck in your're welcome.

But it is officially summertime. Well I guess summer doesn't officially start season wise until Jun 21st (though it will already be 1000 degrees in Alabama before then), but schools let out today and by all intents it is now summer.

Since P is not in school yet, this doesn't mean a drastic change to our life. Though it did mean that we have a new babysitter keeping Perry a couple days a week since Julia needs to be home with her school aged girls. Perry is going to miss her a ton, but thankfully will still get to see her and her family at church. A sweet college girl at our church, Erin, is taking over for the summer (along with some grandparents) before P starts preschool in August. We have had lots of laughs at the fact that both Julia and Erin have red hair...and apparently that is a prerequisite of being our nanny. Perry is probably growing up with a skewed perception of just how common red hair is.

Erin and Perry had a great first day yesterday. He ate and napped good and they did lots of playing indoors and out. They clearly played hard because he was worn out by night time. I mean the poor fellow needed to rest at the dinner table.

Tonight was the first Friday night neighborhood potluck of the season down at our pool and clubhouse. We had a good time enjoying the weather and food and getting to visit with neighbors and friends. The awesomeness of potlucks is you can make one dish and go eat a full dinner. Perry was a big fan of the fried chicken somebody brought, even though it was pretty spicy. We laughed when he picked up the drumstick and chewed on it for a while.

Perry's favorite part of the night was getting to run around the splashpad by the pool with another little boy we know from church. I love the fact that we have a splash pad right in our neighborhood. It is perfect for toddlers to play in and doesn't require us getting in the big pool. The water was super cold, but P didn't care one bit.

It was a fun way to kick off summer and Memorial Day weekend. I am so happy that Andrew is off and we can enjoy the weekend as a family. We have some fun things planned. Bring on summer 2014.

The beginnings of a big boy room

Thursday, May 22, 2014
I suppose you could say we officially started working on P's big boy room today. The corner bedroom upstairs began its transformation from guest room to a room fit for a fun-loving toddler boy. P is really not close to being ready for a big boy bed and new room, so it is going to be a work in progress for a while. It is nice though that we are physically switching the room he will be in so we can gradually get the next room ready without disturbing his current "crib."

The first step was getting a window seat and whole wall of built-ins installed. The room is huge and definitely could handle a wall of storage with plenty of room to spare. We have been talking about doing something like this since we moved in but it just hadn't made it to the top of our priority list since the room was used so infrequently. We have also been wanting a window seat built and installed in the dormer of the Auburn room / man cave upstairs.

We found a great local guy to build the cabinetry and his team came and installed them both yesterday. So that is what has been happening around our house. Perry didn't know what to think of all the noise and commotion that came with the install and his nap got delayed a couple hours because of the power tools happening across the hall. It was totally worth it though because the cabinets look amazing!

What will be P's big boy room:

Dormer window seat in the Auburn room/man cave:

All that storage is going to be incredibly helpful in keeping a toddler's room a little more clutter free (hopefully). And provide tons of space for cute decorations and a sitting area below the window. We already have what will be his new bed (a wooden twin bed built by his great grandfather) and his bedding picked out. More on that to come. Until then I will be here admiring our new cabinets.

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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