82 and Sunny

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Perry loves being outside. The words "door" and "outside" are already part of his little vocabulary. I think he would stay out there all day if we let him. I hear his Daddy was a lot like that when he was Perry's age. This is going to pose a problem with his fair skin and UV rays I can already see it...and we should probably go ahead and invest in more coppertone for the summer.

Yesterday when I got home from work, Perry met me at the door in tears...something about mean daddy not letting him play in the bathroom...and pushed his way outside. 

So we went with it and spent 30 minutes or so playing in the yard and going for a spin in his cozy coupe. It was nice to play outdoors with my favorite guys after a long day at work...even though I was still in heels and dress clothes. Working mom problems.

My job typically takes place exclusively indoors. Genetic counseling is not known for being a outdoors in the elements kind of career. Today however I got to spend several hours outside on HudsonAlpha's McMillian Park, overseeing the installation of our new GenomeCache permanent signs.

These signs, 119 of them attached to the 199 park lamp posts) replace the temporary real-estate style signs we have been putting out and pulling up for the past three years. The signs turn the double helix shaped pathways into a scaled version of the human genome, allowing people to explore genes within the human genome while meandering the park. A free iTunes/android app (called GenomeCache) can also be used in conjunction with the signs to play an interactive game/scavenger hunt out on the park. 

You can see from the picture below the difference (and huge improvement) between the new permanent signs attached to the lamp posts and the old temporary signs stuck into the ground on stakes.

They look awesome! It is really cool to see them finally take shape after months, well years really, of planning and prep work. It was also nice to spend some time out on the park which is in full bloom and beautiful.

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