A tale of two outfits

Monday, May 26, 2014
It has been a spectacular Memorial Day weekend around our house. I am sad to see the long weekend come to a close and head back to the work week tomorrow. Grateful for holidays and family time, but especially grateful for those men and women who have served and continue to serve our country and maintain our freedoms. Thank you.

We knew Saturday was going to be a good day from the moment we all woke up. At 9:15 am. No joke, Perry the 17 month old slept till 9:15. He has been sleeping in lots lately, but this morning was exceptional.  I am so ok with his new sleep schedule. Once we got moving we decided to go eat brunch at Another Broken Egg and Perry got to eat beignets for the first time. We weren't sure if he would like them since he turned his nose up at doughnuts the other week, but he did. And we justified him having dough covered in powdered sugar by telling ourselves it is a "breakfast food."

After brunch it was not too hot outside yet so we went up on green mountain to the Nature Trail. That place will always have a special place in our hearts, especially the covered bridge where Andrew proposed. Perry did a great job walking on the uneven terrain but eventually got tired about half way around the trail and we carried him the rest of the way. We got him good and tired and he fell fast asleep on the way home for nap time.

I thought Perry looked super cute when I dressed him for brunch Saturday morning in his little collared shirt and bubble shorts. Andrew not so much. In fact he might have even used the word ridiculous and said that his clothes needed to be changed before our evening festivities. Granted our evening plans included an arena football game, so not exactly seersucker and bubble shorts appropriate perhaps.

So Perry got a wardrobe change after nap into a polo and (not bubble) plaid shorts. We went to dinner and to the Alabama Hammers arena football game with Gina, Travis and Travis' parents who were in town for the weekend. It was good for a mid year football fix, but not nearly as entertaining as watching our Tigers play. It was a fun night hanging with friends and trying to figure out all the differences between what we were watching and "normal football."

Here's Gina and Perry (in his Daddy approved clothes)

One perk of small fields and venues is you get to be pretty close to the football action, even up in the cheap seats. The Hammers won, big time. Perry did great sitting through the game and staying up a little (more like a lot) past his bedtime. We did take a break at halftime and go have an impromptu dance party in the lobby and burn off some energy.

It was a fantastic day that started and ended very differently, from frou-frou brunch in preppy seersucker clothes to manly clothes and arena football. I guess it is good that Perry is getting raised with a little dose of both.

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