Bring on the summer

Friday, May 23, 2014
"Bees'll buzz. Kids'll blow dandelion fuzz. And I'll be doing whatever snow does. In SUMMER!"

Now that you have Olaf singing that song  stuck in your're welcome.

But it is officially summertime. Well I guess summer doesn't officially start season wise until Jun 21st (though it will already be 1000 degrees in Alabama before then), but schools let out today and by all intents it is now summer.

Since P is not in school yet, this doesn't mean a drastic change to our life. Though it did mean that we have a new babysitter keeping Perry a couple days a week since Julia needs to be home with her school aged girls. Perry is going to miss her a ton, but thankfully will still get to see her and her family at church. A sweet college girl at our church, Erin, is taking over for the summer (along with some grandparents) before P starts preschool in August. We have had lots of laughs at the fact that both Julia and Erin have red hair...and apparently that is a prerequisite of being our nanny. Perry is probably growing up with a skewed perception of just how common red hair is.

Erin and Perry had a great first day yesterday. He ate and napped good and they did lots of playing indoors and out. They clearly played hard because he was worn out by night time. I mean the poor fellow needed to rest at the dinner table.

Tonight was the first Friday night neighborhood potluck of the season down at our pool and clubhouse. We had a good time enjoying the weather and food and getting to visit with neighbors and friends. The awesomeness of potlucks is you can make one dish and go eat a full dinner. Perry was a big fan of the fried chicken somebody brought, even though it was pretty spicy. We laughed when he picked up the drumstick and chewed on it for a while.

Perry's favorite part of the night was getting to run around the splashpad by the pool with another little boy we know from church. I love the fact that we have a splash pad right in our neighborhood. It is perfect for toddlers to play in and doesn't require us getting in the big pool. The water was super cold, but P didn't care one bit.

It was a fun way to kick off summer and Memorial Day weekend. I am so happy that Andrew is off and we can enjoy the weekend as a family. We have some fun things planned. Bring on summer 2014.

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