Impromptu family cookout

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Our super fun Memorial Day weekend continued Sunday night with an impromptu family cookout over at Ann and Gary's. Like we decided at church that morning to get together. If you looked at the spread of food they put together you would have thought we had been planning it for weeks. Complete with grilled pork chops, corn, beans, salad and brownie sundaes. It was awesome. Perry was a big fan of the baked beans, as seen in the picture below. He was in dire need of a bath afterwards. Apparently he knew it too because as soon as we went inside from dinner Perry ran straight to Granna and Grandaddy's bathroom and turned on the bathtub water. Haha!

We also had some friendly games of cornhole. Andrew and I might have beaten Emily and Matt, but who is keeping score. : ) I love this picture of the excitement when Ben got a beanbag on the board.

Perry figured out quickly, like with golf, there is a much more efficient method of reaching the goal of the game.

And Kate helped entertain him some by pushing him around in his car so he wouldn't get nailed in the head with a flying bean bag.  And we couldn't leave without getting a sweet cousins and grandaddy picture. It is like wrestling three monkeys to get them all smiling at the camera at the same time.

We had a great time! We are so blessed to be living so close to and doing life with our family on a weekly basis, where impromptu family dinners and game nights are not an uncommon occurrence.

Another funny Perry story from the weekend before I forget. Apparently Perry had something very important to discuss with his Aunt Emily yesterday afternoon because he facetime called her...all by himself. I was in the kitchen and suddenly heard a voice in the living room that was not on the television saying "hi perry." When I walked in there Perry was holding my phone facetiming with Emily and Gary. He had picked up my phone, unlocked it and called Emily. I think it might be high time to put a passcode on our phones. Talk about a technology generation.

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