Memorial Day 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014
Memorial Day started early. Not long after the Princess Half Marathon I signed up to run the Memorial Day Cotton Row Run 10k (along with Emily and Paige). It is the quintessential Huntsville race and it sounded fun. This was also back when I was quite used to running long distances and the weather was more than a couple degrees cooler. Skip forward a couple months and while I have been able to keep up running a couple times a week (on good weeks), I have not kept with the distance runs and had not run more than a 5k since February.

But we did it. I met up with Emily downtown a little after 6 and it was already getting hot.

After some patriotic festivities and an invocation we were off. I have always heard about the terrible hill in the cotton row race course, but no verbal description can quite do justice to what that hill actually is. It is not a good sign when they have had to grate the pavement so cars do not slip down it. And situated between miles 3-4, it is just brutal, or maybe I am just out of shape, or both. Paige totally smoked Emily and I, but it was fun that we got to run (and walk...ahem) the last mile or so and cross the finish line together.

Andrew had to head into work at 10, so he met me at the finish line for a congratulations, a sweaty hug and to pass off Perry.

After the race Perry and I came home and had a chill morning of playing indoors and lunch before his nap. That evening we loaded up our cornhole boards, toddler toys and some snacks and headed over to Travis and Gina's for a Memorial Day cookout. Travis' parents were still in town and several other friends came too. It was tons of fun. Perry was excited Will (along with his parents and little baby brother) was able to come so he had a friend to play with. Will is just two months older than P so they were good playmates and both sporting their red, white and blue outfits.

Meanwhile Travis grilled up some yummy hamburgers and deer sausage and the girls prepped the other food in the kitchen. Then we ate dinner al fresco on the patio.

It was a fun night to just sit outside, talk, play with kids and ward off mosquitos. And take lots of pictures. Our cute little patriotic fellow was happy to be the center of attention. I am happy to report that he got a much overdue haircut this morning and can now see the world unobstructed again.

Perry bonded with Travis' mom, Ms Wanda, this weekend. If you know Perry, you know he has never met a stranger, but the first time Ms Wanda picked him up at dinner Saturday night he immediately just laid his little head on her shoulder. I think in this picture they were having a deep conversation about the dangers of fire.

Me, Gina and Adrienne

Once the sun went down it was time to light up the fire pit for some s'mores. Yummy! Thanks Gina and Travis for having us over to celebrate Memorial Day!

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