More than just a pair of rainboots

Sunday, May 18, 2014
What a bittersweet weekend it has been. Attending the funeral of a precious 5 year old little boy is not the way anyone wants to spend a Saturday afternoon. Several days ago I wrote about a sweet Rivertree family that was in a terrible car accident on Monday. 5 year old Micah died in the accident and went home to be with Jesus on Monday. Meanwhile the two oldest girls continue to fight for their lives in Huntsville and Birmingham hospitals. I cannot even begin to imagine the heartache felt by the Brown family. The grace with which they have walked out this week and the faith they continue to show has been just incredible. You look at them and know that there is someone bigger than this world helping them through this tragedy.

It has also been incredible to watch how our church and bigger community has rallied around this precious family in prayer as well as in providing tangible help and support. I didn't know Micah personally, other than seeing him smiling and running around the church halls. But through the course of the last week I have gotten to learn more about him - He loved firetrucks, the color blue, goldfish crackers and wearing rainboots no matter the weather. Sounds like a little boy.

All of these things were a big part of the celebration of his life on Saturday. We were instructed to wear blue instead of black...and rainboots. I have never seen so many different pairs of rainboots in my life. It was a precious sight. A firetruck that lead the processional now has the words "Micah Brown's Fire Dept" on the side as well as a silhouette of rainboots.

Ryann Brown got up and spoke and proved again in that moment just how strong she, and her God, are. She spoke about hope and how it was the thing she most desperately wanted after the accident and how God provided just that. Then our pastor Ross stood and preached the gospel, and our desperate need for Jesus. so clearly.

Emotions have been all over the place this week and weekend. I, like most parents probably, have thought about the heartache that would come with walking in Ryann and David Brown's shoes right now. One of the things that stuck with me from the service yesterday was the need as parents to train and equip our children with what they need to face hard situations and dark days, because they will inevitably come, and probably when you are not expecting it. And what they need more than anything is to know and love Jesus. I pray that idea will stay planted in the forefront of my mind.

Continue to pray with us for the Brown family.

"I know who goes before me
I know who stands behind
The God of angel armies
Is always by my side."

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