Popsicles and playtime

Friday, May 30, 2014
Summertime means the Greene St. outdoor market is back on Thursday nights. It rained a ton yesterday, but it let up in the evening and cooled the temperatures off making it a great night to stroll the market. Andrew, Perry and I met up with Granna and Grandaddy for a quick dinner and then Andrew went into work a couple hours while the rest of us headed downtown. We got some veggies, and bread, tried lots of yummy samples and of course had to get a popsicle to enjoy while we meandered around.

I am off today with P and this morning we made a last minute impromptu decision to go to the preschool open gym hour (called Whiz Kids) at the Matrix. The last time we were there it was for a church playdate when Perry was like 6 months old...he crawled around a little and watched kids play while I chatted with other moms. This time he was running all over the place, climbing and jumping. He had a blast and burned off lots of energy. Hopefully his nap while be a good one this afternoon. It was also fun to see him interact and watch other kids. He is definitely social and wants to be in on the playtime action.

The funniest thing was when he realized one of the walls in the room was a mirror (see bottom right photo below). He stood there for 30 seconds smiling and laughing at himself.

Thats the fun we have been up to the last 24 hours. Looking forward to a fun weekend!

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