Take your toddler to work day

Friday, May 16, 2014
This post is a little out of sync but I found these pictures on my phone last night. They had gotten burried in the craziness of last week. Last Friday Andrew had to go into work for a little while in the morning so this sweet boy got to come to work with mommy.

For some reason this 16 month old doesn't quite get the fact that mommy and her coworkers need to do things other than play with him when he is in the building. Thankfully he did find some child appropriate things to play with...like the giant teddy bear that shares breanna's office. He also quickly found the DNA and protein models made of knex and baby beads. 

Andrew came to pick P up about 11:30 and they ate lunch with us before heading home for nap time. Perry learned all sorts of bad tricks like crawling on the table and messing with other peoples ipads. Breanna happily gave him some Jelly Splash training though.

Whew. Having a toddler in your office brings a whole definition to the term work.

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