The rest of the weekend

Monday, May 19, 2014
This post may seem a little lacking in focus because that is kind of what our weekend was like. Andrew was working so we didn't do anything too major. I was off on Friday and the only thing on my agenda was getting an oil change so Perry and I went and tried out the new Dunking Doughnuts in Jones Valley. Andrew and I have regular arguments about what the best doughnut establishment is. He prefers Krispy Kreme and I prefer Dunkin. I think my preference is largely swayed by which coffee I prefer while Andrew's is more of a head to head competition of doughnuts. So I have been anxiously awaiting a Dunkin closer to home and on my route to work.

So Perry and I got a few munchkins (aka doughnut holes) and hashbrowns to share and some drinks (iced coffee for me, milk for P). Wouldn't you know that P would not touch the doughnuts. I tried to show him how good they were, which resulted in him picking them up and putting them in my mouth. He loved the hashbrowns though. I guess there is no harm in a child not liking doughnuts. Or maybe he is like his daddy and was holding out for Krispy Kreme. lol.

Friday night P and I just hung out at home and had a popcorn and movie night. I love that he is getting big enough to sit with me on the couch, watch a movie and share a bowl of popcorn. We have been going back and watching classic Disney movies. This time it was the Little Mermaid.

Saturday we just played at home and Aunt Kay came over and watched Perry (nap) while I attended the funeral. 

Sunday morning P must have been all worn out from the very not-busy Saturday we had because he slept in until 8:30. We were about to have to go wake him up to make it to church on time. It was a sweet morning at church with much focus on how to process loss as a believer. 

After service we got the opportunity to walk through the new children's wing of the church that is under construction. It will be amazing to have more room for the children's ministry to spread out and grow. They had all the spaces labeled and it was really neat to see where Perry will be spending his Sunday mornings come August. The church had buckets of magic markers and encouraged families to spend some time praying over the space and writing prayers/scriptures on the concrete floors. We found a corner of what will be the large group worship room to write our verse.

After church Andrew had to go to work while we went over to some lifegroup friends' house for lunch. Perry had fun meeting a real live kitty cat and hanging out with the boys outside.

It has been unseasonably chilly and rainy the past few days, ever since those storms that delayed my plane Wednesday night. The forecast for this week looks much improved and more like spring in Alabama.

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