Trip Report: Liberty of the Seas, Day Five and Six

Friday, May 9, 2014
Time to finish up these trip reports with the last day (and a half). Hope you have not gotten too bored with all the details and pictures. The last full day of the cruise was another day at sea. Since Perry spent the night with his grandparents the night before and we had a rendezvous time at 10:40 am we got to sleep in and order room service for breakfast. Can't remember the last time I had breakfast in bed.

We got a voicemail from Ann and Gary the night before that our dinner table had been invited on a kitchen tour at 10:40 so we met up with them for the tour. It was pretty cool to see where all the magic happens behind the scenes each night at dinner. It works like a well oiled machine. They had some of the awesome fruit and butter (?!?) sculptures set out as well as this fantastic bread anchor. Andrew got in on the action when the tour guide sent him to go fetch a drinking glass so he could explain the washing/drying process and why if there are spots on our glass at dinner it is from being washed and not actually dirty...they are actually not allowed to put their hands in them to dry or polish them. Things you learn on a kitchen tour.

Meanwhile Perry caught the eye of some of the chefs working in the kitchen, who brought him his very own paper chef's hat. You all know that P hates hats...but it was a nice gesture and gave him something to play with for a while. He makes friends everywhere he goes.

We all agreed that this would be the day to wear our "Team Gary" shirts and get a group photo. We are so incredibly glad that Gary and Ann were able to come with us on this trip and get some much needed vacation and fun time.

Then we went and saw a black light puppet show. It was cute and definitely geared towards a toddler/preschool audience. It was all about a group of sea creature friends that go on an adventure and ultimately find out that friendship is the best thing ever...or something like that. It was really well done with the props and were prohibited due to the black lights...but Perry loved it. He sat through the whole thing and even clapped at the end.

As we were leaving the show we ran into Puss in Boots again. Perry got to give him a couple high-fives.

After naptime we all went and saw Encore!, the ice skating show. It was really good. Perry did great sitting and watching for the second time that day. He loved the music and skating tricks. Then we went back and got all packed up before dinner. I hate packing at the end of a trip, but it is a necessary evil.

We enjoyed one last dinner with our awesome servers. Our main server is the guy in the top photo mid fist-pump with Perry. Funny story, this is what Perry does when asked to fist-pump. His daddy might have taught him that... Our assistant waiter is the guy in the bottom picture. Both of them loved our red headed little guy.

You might also notice a cute red headed little girl in the background. We met her and her family the first day while we were waiting to board the ship (actually Ann and Gary met her family before that at their hotel). Perry was just smitten with her from the get go and we kept running into them throughout the trip and they even wound up sitting right next to us at dinner. And this is how he spent most of his dinners...

We had to get a picture of the two red heads together that last night.

Lobster was on the main dining room menu so I got lobster two nights in a row. Food was really good the whole trip. Andrew couldn't decide between two desserts the last night. His solution? Order both.

Then Andrew had his birthday celebrated once again with singing and extra dessert. Because he needed just one more dessert.

We were't ready to call it a night quite yet after dinner and accept the fact that vacation was coming to a close so we went up to the top deck and played a little more golf. It was pretty much a ghost town up there so Perry had free reign to run around to his hearts content.

Eventually it was time for bed. We didn't have to rush off the ship the next day since our flights were not until mid afternoon so we planned to have a rather leisurely breakfast in the dining room. We were originally scheduled to disembark at 9-9:20. However apparently US Customs decided to do an extra thorough job in scrutinizing the boat and deeming it able to re-enter the country which created delays. Our waiting area was the main theatre so we just set up camp in the floor and entertained ourselves for a while and were grateful to not be the people stressed about missing flights and trying to coerce their way off the boat faster. Until it became 11:20 and we had a flight in a little over 2 hours and we were still onboard. We eventually had to speak up and get ourselves off so we didn't miss our 1:45 pm flight (who would have thought that would be cutting it close).

Once we got off and found our bags we still had to clear customs ourselves and get a bus to the airport (which luckily in Ft. Lauderdale is really close to the port). We ultimately made it with very little time to spare...but it was a rather stressful ending to a relaxing vacation. Perry was a trooper through all the travel and delays, slept the whole way through the security/customs line and slept again the whole last flight from Atlanta to Huntsville.

And I think that is it. A not so brief recap of our April 2014 cruise to the caribbean. We had a fantastic time. And looking forward to the next one (whenever it may be).

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