Trip Report: Liberty of the Seas, Day Three

Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Day three of the cruise was our first day in port, in Belize. We have been to quite a few places in the caribbean, but Belize was not one of them and we were excited to see somewhere new. We didn't actually see the city at all because we had to tender and our excursion literally left from the side of the cruise ship. We had a good breakfast in the dining room and then went and hung out in the ice skating studio with the rest of our excursion mates until it was our turn to leave the boat.

We picked an excursion that took us by boat out to the barrier reef and we spent some time in a semi-submarine getting to look at the fish and coral from safely inside a boat. After that a boat took us over to a private island with a few pavilions and activities for about an hour or so before taking us back to our ship.

The least enjoyable part of our excursion was the tender from the cruise ship to the barrier reef. It was really hot with no breeze inside the boat and we had a 15 month old toddler who was ready to run around and play. The 45 minute ride seemed like an eternity. We did get some nice photos of our cruise ship as we boated away from it.

A couple things would have made the excursion better like having less people so that you didn't have to go down in the semi-sub in shifts. This made for 45 minutes where you were just sitting up on top of the was shaded and breezy and they had water so it was tolerable...just not the most interesting 45 minutes I have ever spent. It was pretty neat when it was our turn to go down into the sub and see the reef.

patiently waiting our turn to go see the fishies

They also could have made the snorkeling/kayaking on the island more user friendly and flexible. We wound up spending the time on the island just playing in the water and sand as a family.

Here is the little island we went to:

The beaches and water were beautiful. I could have sat (in the shade) on that beach all day. We scored a shaded pavilion all to ourselves down at the end of the island. 

This picture makes me smile. Perry found a volleyball laying around so he of course had to play with it. He just looks so serious in the picture...I think it would make an awesome advertisement photo for Kenier volleyballs (whatever company that is).

Perry fell fast asleep on the boat ride back to the ship. I mean he passed out and didn't wake up while we got off the boat, went through ship security and to our room. He hadn't had much in the way of lunch, and was very salty/sandy but we decided to just let him nap. Which he did...for several hours. Meanwhile Andrew and I took turns going to grab lunch and getting showers...none of which woke up the sleeping baby in the room. 

When Perry did finally wake up we gave him a much needed shower, some food and went downstairs to the promenade for a DreamWorks Parade where we ran into Granna and Grandaddy. P loved the parade and had fun clapping to the music and watching all the characters.

Perry even got some special attention from Shrek and King Julien. Overall Perry did pretty well with characters. Some of the DreamWorks characters were really big (and green) and often times he didn't want to be held right up next to them...but if you switched him to your other hip where he could see them better he did just fine. His favorites were Puss in Boots and King Julien...which not surprisingly are the smaller, more cuddly characters of the bunch.

After the parade it was dinner time. Perry had some fruit and veggies and a grilled cheese for dinner. And spent time trying to coax the bread man into bringing him some more bread.

There was no official dance party that night, but we had our own down in the Catacombs after dinner and before bed. They had music playing and there was no one but us in the whole place. It was perfect for burning off energy before bedtime.

There was a huge anchor outside the catacombs so I had to stop for a photo with my anchor boy.

After dancing the night away (or until it was 8 pm and Perry's bedtime) we headed back to our room for some rest and to meet our daily towel animal, the peacock? At least that is what we thought it was.

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