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Playdate, baby shower and a pool party

Monday, June 30, 2014
We have had a fun-filled weekend. I love weekends that are busy, but busy because we are spending lots of time with friends. Saturday morning Perry and I met up with my friend Kim and her boys, Coleman and Barrett, for breakfast and play time at Chickfila. While daddies work, mommies and the kiddos play. It was so fun to catch up with them and see the kids interact.

Those three months difference in age between these two are not nearly as noticeable anymore. I hope they grow up best buddies. Coleman however still calls P "baby Perry."

It was the first time Perry has gotten to go play in the play area like a big kid. Perry is a little dare devil and climbed his way all the way to the top of the slide on his own. Once he got up there he wasn't sure what to do next and became aware that he was stuck, so mommy had to go up and rescue the poor boy.

The rest of Saturday was spent with errands, naps and then dinner with Adrienne and Chad. We went out and met up with Andrew at the Brickhouse in Providence when he got off work. Perry was in a crazy bad mood when we got to the restaurant (like inconsolable), but that was quickly fixed by a corn dog and some french fries. We continued to work on our training for football this fall and our little tiger is getting really good at saying "touchdown" complete with arm motions. Next on the list is "warrrr eagle, hey!"

After dinner we came back to our house so the boys could play some xbox and Adrienne and I could settle in on the sofa with the 1996 disney channel original movie Wish Upon A Star and dessert. Sometimes you need a nostalgic trip back to your preteen years.

Today (well actually yesterday considering it is 12:15 am when I am writing this) we had a nice morning at church, followed by a baby shower for Kali. Kali is doing the little one's nursery in Winnie the Pooh, and the shower had so many cute pooh and baby details. It was a sweet time of celebration and fellowship with Rivertree ladies.

I love these ladies so much. Even though pictures with them make me feel very short. :) Kali and Reagan are beautiful mommies-to-be.

How stinking cute are these bee cupcakes and "stacker toy" candies?

For shower games we played trivia and had to draw a picture of a baby on a plate resting on the top of our heads...way harder than it sounds. Then we got to admire our "works of art" which was hysterical.

Perry was looking super cute, and old man like, today in his tie shirt and navy blue keds. So grown up.

Tonight we made some impromptu plans to head down to the neighborhood pool and asked some friends come over and join us at the last minute. Travis picked up some pizzas and we had a fun little pool party after the afternoon storms passed.

Kim brought over some cool glow in the dark bubbles that we had to check out. It wasn't totally dark yet (because who is actually out after dark in the summer with a toddler), but the boys loved the bright orange bubbles.

That is our whirlwind of a weekend. And it was awesome. I can't believe it is going to be July this week and the summer is half over. And that Perry is starting preschool in just over a month. I spent a little time looking at toddler backpacks online today, and have to go pick up his "blue (immunization) card" from the pediatrician this is getting real.

Wrapping up the week

Friday, June 27, 2014
Happy Friday!

This afternoon was the HudsonAlpha annual company picnic. Originally the picnic was scheduled two weeks ago while I was out of town but the weather forced it to be postponed until today. Worked out better for us so that P and I could go. I left work and picked Perry up about 3:30 this afternoon and took him back to work for some picnic fun. The evening was spent mostly with Perry running around and me chasing closely behind. He loved being around all the people and watching the bigger kids run and play. It is fun to see everybody's kids and how much they have grown, and all the new babies. There were so many little ones running around.

We enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner and shared a cookie for dessert. The weather turned out great, though a bit humid thanks to rain showers earlier in the day.

After he stood longingly at the entrance to the moon bounce for a while, I gave in and let him get in and play with the big kids. He wasn't scared at all and crawled and walked around. The person working the inflatable was encouraging the bigger kids to watch out for him and they did for a while, but eventually and inevitably P got knocked over and then he was pretty much over it and wanted out. I was super proud of how well he did though. 

And I am sure this time next year Perry will be running and jumping like crazy, getting knocked down and jumping right back up for more. And I am just noticing that in all but the last picture above is of Perry's back. Clearly, I spent all night following him around.

Take me out to the ball game

Thursday, June 26, 2014
Our lifegroup decided to take a week off of our typical meeting routine and go to the Huntsville Stars minor league baseball game Tuesday night. This is the Stars last season in Huntsville before they relocate to a new we wanted to hit up a game before they leave. The weather was a little dicey but we risked it and managed to stay dry. The bottom fell out twice, but we were able to make it to shelter under the stadium and the rain storms only lasted a minute or two. It did make it breezy and not crazy hot which was nice.

Perry had a great time running around between us in the stands and meeting Homer the mascot (skunk?!?)...and enjoying his first funnel cake. He was a trooper and stayed awake and happy way past his bedtime. It made us reminisce about how fun minor league baseball games were back in Greensboro, and sadly the Stars don't hold a candle to the Grasshoppers in terms of atmosphere and fun (I mean who can compete with bat dogs). But it was a fun night hanging with friends outdoors and watching the game.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014
One benefit of using the same baby photographer that Emily and Matt did is that we can have pictures like of Ben, Kate and Perry at the same age in the same place. All three kiddos had their one year pictures taken out at Mooresville, and this little doorframe is just the perfect backdrop.

Emily put this collage together of all three kids for Gary for Fathers Day. It is just too cute not to share.

Pool Party

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
For having a pool at the end of our cul-de-sac, we do not frequent it near enough. We decided we were going to spent Saturday night there and invited Andrew's family over to go with us. It amazes me how even with our neighborhood continuing to grow and be built up, the pool has never seemed over crowded. By the time we left that night we were pretty much the only people there. It was a low-key fun time. We ordered pizza, the boys played in the water and the ladies sat and chatted about decorating. It was a good night.

Pamper Kali Day

Monday, June 23, 2014
One of my sweet lifegroup friends, Kali, and her husband are expecting their first little one later on this year. They don't know what they are having, and have decided to keep the suspense until he/she makes their arrival. I know my type-A/planning type could never do that, but it is fun to not know and keep making guesses.

We wanted to celebrate her, and the little one on the way, this weekend so Gina, Reagan and I took her out for a girly pamper day. The day started with us each getting 60-minute massages at Terrame, a fabulous spa in town. Prenatal massages for Kali and Reagan, and standard swedish ones for Gina and me. Then we went and had a girly lunch at the Marketplace Cafe. Andrew had stopped by the cafe that morning and left a plate of cupcakes for us to share.

From there we headed out to every pregnant lady's favorite place to shop, Babies R Us, and armed Kali with a gift card to shop with. We had fun looking at all the baby stuff and helping her pick out some of the necessities baby will need right away.

It was a super fun day with some of my favorite girls. Thanks to Andrew who took care of Perry all day, and Travis who staffed the Sweet Pineapple so Gina could have a Saturday off with us.

Congratulations Kali! You are going to be a fabulous mama to that little boy or girl!

Fried green tomatoes and some twins on the way

Saturday, June 21, 2014
We are so thrilled at the fact that Perry loves vegetables. He likes green beans probably just as much as he likes french fries. So he was in his happy place last night at Granna and Grandaddy's for dinner. They had been to the farmers market and that meant all sorts of yummy things like squash and tomatoes and potatos and green beans for dinner. Along with some meatloaf. The squash and tomatoes got fried which made them even more awesome. Andrew wouldn't try them, even fried. Somehow his love for vegetables has not increased with age like mine has. It was such a pretty spread of food!

After dinner Ann and I headed to a baby shower for our friend Kelli, who is expecting twins (a girl and a boy) in just a couple months. It was a really fun night of fellowship, food and a lot of laughter. We can't wait to meet and love on the babies when they arrive. Congratulations Kelli (and Ben)!

Loved all the pink and blue decorations.

Sleeping like a baby

Friday, June 20, 2014
It has not been a terribly eventful week around here. Lots of work and play time at home and sleep. Multiple days this week Perry has slept in, until a record 10 am, fourteen hours after going to bed at his consistent bedtime of 8 pm. It seems like ever since we got back from vacation in early May his wake up time has shifted later and later. I guess it is a growth spurt (quite a long one at that), but I am not about to complain. Andrew and I did have a very real text conversation the other day about whether we should bring it up with the pediatrician to make sure it was "ok." #firsttimeparentproblems I know. We ultimately thought better of that idea and figure he is just fine and not to question a very good thing.

We are so so grateful for a child who loves his sleep. And thankful that one of us or a nanny is home most days of the week so he can sleep to his little heart's content. It may be a hard transition to early morning preschool drop-off come fall.

Another favorite P anecdote from this week is his nickname for Mickey's good pal Goofy. He calls him "dodo." It is probably a play on the word "dog," but I am jokingly choosing to think our child is brilliant and has already mastered the concept of synonyms.

Happy Friday!

Happy Fathers Day

Sunday, June 15, 2014
Last night after Andrew got off we went over and had some s'mores around the fire pit with Travis and Gina. Yum! Perry learned all about the word "hot" and whenever he walked by the fire he would wave his hands and say "hot, hot." He is a big fan of the graham cracker portion of s'mores, but is totally weirded out by the marshmallows, plain or toasted. I can make a guess as to how he would feel about the chocolate portion, but we are pretending there was none of that to be had as far as he was concerned.

I am glad I got back home just in time to celebrate Fathers Day with all the special fathers in my life. I am blessed to have three great guys I get to call Dad. They each provide us with so much love, support and fun. I am so glad all of them live nearby so we can see them often and create so many great family memories. Like the oh so fashionable Christmas of collegiate snuggies and encouraging me to get over my fear of heights and ladders in a dark cave. It has been so amazing over the past two years to see these guys take on their new role in our family as grandfather. I am so glad Perry is getting to grow up with all of you nearby to teach him and love on him and be silly with him. Here's to a very Happy Fathers Day to you all! I love you!

And happy 2nd fathers day to my better half and other favorite daddy. Andrew is such an amazing dad to Perry. I love to sit back sometimes and watch the two of them talk and play together. They have such a special bond. And though working is not a fun way to spend his Fathers Day, I am so thankful for him and how he tirelessly provides for our family. Happy Fathers Day sweetheart, I hope you feel celebrated today!

A pediatrician, a wedding and a new pantry

Sunday, June 8, 2014
Perry felt some better on Friday, but was still running a fever all day. So we decided that we would get him an appointment with the pediatrician Saturday morning unless he woke up just perfect. Well he woke up Saturday with no fever at all, but with a barking sound when he laughed or breathed deeply. We really figured whatever viral sickness he had was on it's way out, but didn't want to take a chance with me leaving town on a work trip this week. He was diagnosed with croup and given a prescription for two days of steroids. It was definitely on the tail end and Perry was like his normal self all of Saturday and had no more fever. Glad to have a well baby again, and thankful for a pediatrician office that is open on Saturdays!

Saturday afternoon Travis came over and we did the pantry renovation. The new shelves were installed and our awesome BigFish buffet table got moved into its permanent home. It was a big job, but we got it all done. We are so in love with our new pantry. It is perfect, and so much better than those ugly wire shelves. There are still some things to do like a new lighting fixture, either some floating shelves or artwork or something over the buffet, and maybe a rug. I doesn't sound like I am talking about a pantry. But you spend so much time in a pantry, it might as well look pretty. : )

Here's the blank canvas. With all the wire out, holes patched and walls painted a light blue/green (Sea Salt from Sherwin-Williams)

The boys hard at work. Clearly I was not nearly as hard at work since I was taking pictures...

And the after picture. The photos just don't do it justice because there is not a good angle to take a photo from.

Our pantry is big, and we had an enormous amount of stuff in it. Andrew and I just spent a couple hours this afternoon moving things back in...and did a lot of purging and throwing away of expired food. FYI, k-cups do expire and if you have had one at our house recently it probably was...oops.

This is a project we have been talking and dreaming about since we moved into the house 4 years ago. And one that honestly I was not sure if we would ever "get around to." I love the industrial look to the wooden shelves with metal pipe supports. And having some drawers and cabinets with doors is immensely helpful.

I am not sure if I can say thank you enough to Travis for all of his help with this project (but thank you again!).

The other big part of our weekend was a wedding. Becca Herod married Billy Dodd Saturday night at Asbury Methodist. The wedding was beautiful, despite having to be moved indoors due to weather (which was a solid move considering it stormed the whole evening). It was so great to see the Herod family...we have missed them so much since they moved to South Carolina. And Becca was a stunning bride. It was Perry's first wedding. He made it through a little bit of the ceremony before Andrew took him out to the lobby to play. We brought snacks and toys for him to play with, but he was being a little too verbal for a quiet wedding ceremony as he started naming all the animals he saw in his book.

Perry had a great time at the reception. That was more his, lemonade in mason jars, music, and people to meet. And cupcakes. He made it a long time past his bedtime, probably due to the cupcake and the steroids he got that afternoon. 

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Billy Dodd

So happy to see this sweet Mother of the Bride! 

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