A pediatrician, a wedding and a new pantry

Sunday, June 8, 2014
Perry felt some better on Friday, but was still running a fever all day. So we decided that we would get him an appointment with the pediatrician Saturday morning unless he woke up just perfect. Well he woke up Saturday with no fever at all, but with a barking sound when he laughed or breathed deeply. We really figured whatever viral sickness he had was on it's way out, but didn't want to take a chance with me leaving town on a work trip this week. He was diagnosed with croup and given a prescription for two days of steroids. It was definitely on the tail end and Perry was like his normal self all of Saturday and had no more fever. Glad to have a well baby again, and thankful for a pediatrician office that is open on Saturdays!

Saturday afternoon Travis came over and we did the pantry renovation. The new shelves were installed and our awesome BigFish buffet table got moved into its permanent home. It was a big job, but we got it all done. We are so in love with our new pantry. It is perfect, and so much better than those ugly wire shelves. There are still some things to do like a new lighting fixture, either some floating shelves or artwork or something over the buffet, and maybe a rug. I know...it doesn't sound like I am talking about a pantry. But you spend so much time in a pantry, it might as well look pretty. : )

Here's the blank canvas. With all the wire out, holes patched and walls painted a light blue/green (Sea Salt from Sherwin-Williams)

The boys hard at work. Clearly I was not nearly as hard at work since I was taking pictures...

And the after picture. The photos just don't do it justice because there is not a good angle to take a photo from.

Our pantry is big, and we had an enormous amount of stuff in it. Andrew and I just spent a couple hours this afternoon moving things back in...and did a lot of purging and throwing away of expired food. FYI, k-cups do expire and if you have had one at our house recently it probably was...oops.

This is a project we have been talking and dreaming about since we moved into the house 4 years ago. And one that honestly I was not sure if we would ever "get around to." I love the industrial look to the wooden shelves with metal pipe supports. And having some drawers and cabinets with doors is immensely helpful.

I am not sure if I can say thank you enough to Travis for all of his help with this project (but thank you again!).

The other big part of our weekend was a wedding. Becca Herod married Billy Dodd Saturday night at Asbury Methodist. The wedding was beautiful, despite having to be moved indoors due to weather (which was a solid move considering it stormed the whole evening). It was so great to see the Herod family...we have missed them so much since they moved to South Carolina. And Becca was a stunning bride. It was Perry's first wedding. He made it through a little bit of the ceremony before Andrew took him out to the lobby to play. We brought snacks and toys for him to play with, but he was being a little too verbal for a quiet wedding ceremony as he started naming all the animals he saw in his book.

Perry had a great time at the reception. That was more his style...food, lemonade in mason jars, music, and people to meet. And cupcakes. He made it a long time past his bedtime, probably due to the cupcake and the steroids he got that afternoon. 

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Billy Dodd

So happy to see this sweet Mother of the Bride! 

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