Happy Fathers Day

Sunday, June 15, 2014
Last night after Andrew got off we went over and had some s'mores around the fire pit with Travis and Gina. Yum! Perry learned all about the word "hot" and whenever he walked by the fire he would wave his hands and say "hot, hot." He is a big fan of the graham cracker portion of s'mores, but is totally weirded out by the marshmallows, plain or toasted. I can make a guess as to how he would feel about the chocolate portion, but we are pretending there was none of that to be had as far as he was concerned.

I am glad I got back home just in time to celebrate Fathers Day with all the special fathers in my life. I am blessed to have three great guys I get to call Dad. They each provide us with so much love, support and fun. I am so glad all of them live nearby so we can see them often and create so many great family memories. Like the oh so fashionable Christmas of collegiate snuggies and encouraging me to get over my fear of heights and ladders in a dark cave. It has been so amazing over the past two years to see these guys take on their new role in our family as grandfather. I am so glad Perry is getting to grow up with all of you nearby to teach him and love on him and be silly with him. Here's to a very Happy Fathers Day to you all! I love you!

And happy 2nd fathers day to my better half and other favorite daddy. Andrew is such an amazing dad to Perry. I love to sit back sometimes and watch the two of them talk and play together. They have such a special bond. And though working is not a fun way to spend his Fathers Day, I am so thankful for him and how he tirelessly provides for our family. Happy Fathers Day sweetheart, I hope you feel celebrated today!

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