Playdate, baby shower and a pool party

Monday, June 30, 2014
We have had a fun-filled weekend. I love weekends that are busy, but busy because we are spending lots of time with friends. Saturday morning Perry and I met up with my friend Kim and her boys, Coleman and Barrett, for breakfast and play time at Chickfila. While daddies work, mommies and the kiddos play. It was so fun to catch up with them and see the kids interact.

Those three months difference in age between these two are not nearly as noticeable anymore. I hope they grow up best buddies. Coleman however still calls P "baby Perry."

It was the first time Perry has gotten to go play in the play area like a big kid. Perry is a little dare devil and climbed his way all the way to the top of the slide on his own. Once he got up there he wasn't sure what to do next and became aware that he was stuck, so mommy had to go up and rescue the poor boy.

The rest of Saturday was spent with errands, naps and then dinner with Adrienne and Chad. We went out and met up with Andrew at the Brickhouse in Providence when he got off work. Perry was in a crazy bad mood when we got to the restaurant (like inconsolable), but that was quickly fixed by a corn dog and some french fries. We continued to work on our training for football this fall and our little tiger is getting really good at saying "touchdown" complete with arm motions. Next on the list is "warrrr eagle, hey!"

After dinner we came back to our house so the boys could play some xbox and Adrienne and I could settle in on the sofa with the 1996 disney channel original movie Wish Upon A Star and dessert. Sometimes you need a nostalgic trip back to your preteen years.

Today (well actually yesterday considering it is 12:15 am when I am writing this) we had a nice morning at church, followed by a baby shower for Kali. Kali is doing the little one's nursery in Winnie the Pooh, and the shower had so many cute pooh and baby details. It was a sweet time of celebration and fellowship with Rivertree ladies.

I love these ladies so much. Even though pictures with them make me feel very short. :) Kali and Reagan are beautiful mommies-to-be.

How stinking cute are these bee cupcakes and "stacker toy" candies?

For shower games we played trivia and had to draw a picture of a baby on a plate resting on the top of our heads...way harder than it sounds. Then we got to admire our "works of art" which was hysterical.

Perry was looking super cute, and old man like, today in his tie shirt and navy blue keds. So grown up.

Tonight we made some impromptu plans to head down to the neighborhood pool and asked some friends come over and join us at the last minute. Travis picked up some pizzas and we had a fun little pool party after the afternoon storms passed.

Kim brought over some cool glow in the dark bubbles that we had to check out. It wasn't totally dark yet (because who is actually out after dark in the summer with a toddler), but the boys loved the bright orange bubbles.

That is our whirlwind of a weekend. And it was awesome. I can't believe it is going to be July this week and the summer is half over. And that Perry is starting preschool in just over a month. I spent a little time looking at toddler backpacks online today, and have to go pick up his "blue (immunization) card" from the pediatrician this is getting real.

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