Sick Day

Friday, June 6, 2014
Yesterday started out normal. Andrew and I both left for work before Perry woke up (you know because he sleeps till like 9 am) and he was scheduled to be with Erin all day. I had to be at work early for a 7:30 meeting and was scheduled to see patients all day (in a room with no cell phone service). After the first patient, I walked out of the room to a series of texts that Perry didn't seem to feel well and had a fever of 102. Yikes. It is amazing how fast you can go from healthy to sick, because he was totally fine when I put him to bed at 8 pm the night before.

Having a sick child is problematic when both parents work in healthcare and can't exactly just leave work. Erin was able to get his fever down with some medicine and take good care of him until early afternoon when I was done with most of my patients, and she brought him up to me. He got a drive-by once over by one of the practitioners at work who deemed his ears to be fine, throat just a little red and nothing really needed to be done except to watch it and rest. What I figured. He slept a ton but was still eating and playing and overall ok. He woke up today much better with just a low-grade temp (without medication), so we are praying whatever hit him is on it's way out as fast as it came.

Last night, Perry and I had a relaxing evening on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and Winnie the Pooh on TV. I don't like seeing him sick, but take advantage of the extra snuggle time.

So hoping he keeps feeling better so we can have a fun (and well) weekend.

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