Sleeping like a baby

Friday, June 20, 2014
It has not been a terribly eventful week around here. Lots of work and play time at home and sleep. Multiple days this week Perry has slept in, until a record 10 am, fourteen hours after going to bed at his consistent bedtime of 8 pm. It seems like ever since we got back from vacation in early May his wake up time has shifted later and later. I guess it is a growth spurt (quite a long one at that), but I am not about to complain. Andrew and I did have a very real text conversation the other day about whether we should bring it up with the pediatrician to make sure it was "ok." #firsttimeparentproblems I know. We ultimately thought better of that idea and figure he is just fine and not to question a very good thing.

We are so so grateful for a child who loves his sleep. And thankful that one of us or a nanny is home most days of the week so he can sleep to his little heart's content. It may be a hard transition to early morning preschool drop-off come fall.

Another favorite P anecdote from this week is his nickname for Mickey's good pal Goofy. He calls him "dodo." It is probably a play on the word "dog," but I am jokingly choosing to think our child is brilliant and has already mastered the concept of synonyms.

Happy Friday!

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