Wrapping up the week

Friday, June 27, 2014
Happy Friday!

This afternoon was the HudsonAlpha annual company picnic. Originally the picnic was scheduled two weeks ago while I was out of town but the weather forced it to be postponed until today. Worked out better for us so that P and I could go. I left work and picked Perry up about 3:30 this afternoon and took him back to work for some picnic fun. The evening was spent mostly with Perry running around and me chasing closely behind. He loved being around all the people and watching the bigger kids run and play. It is fun to see everybody's kids and how much they have grown, and all the new babies. There were so many little ones running around.

We enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner and shared a cookie for dessert. The weather turned out great, though a bit humid thanks to rain showers earlier in the day.

After he stood longingly at the entrance to the moon bounce for a while, I gave in and let him get in and play with the big kids. He wasn't scared at all and crawled and walked around. The person working the inflatable was encouraging the bigger kids to watch out for him and they did for a while, but eventually and inevitably P got knocked over and then he was pretty much over it and wanted out. I was super proud of how well he did though. 

And I am sure this time next year Perry will be running and jumping like crazy, getting knocked down and jumping right back up for more. And I am just noticing that in all but the last picture above is of Perry's back. Clearly, I spent all night following him around.

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