A year and a half

Thursday, July 3, 2014
Perry turned exactly one and a half this afternoon. I can hardly believe he is now closer to being 2 than being 1. Our little baby is turning into a full fledged toddler right before our eyes. This time last year on his half birthday we were on our way to North Georgia for the fourth of July and we were working so hard to get P to crawl. This year he is running around everywhere and learning new words every day.

Perry and I went out to dinner tonight to celebrate his half-birthday. We went to Cracker Barrel so we could get both vegetables and a yummy dessert (because they cancel each other out nutritionally right?).

Perry was a fan of chocolate coca-cola cake. But don't worry, he didn't eat the whole thing...momma was happy to help with that. : ) He wound up with a face covered in chocolate, hands covered in ice cream and a big smile on his face.

Speaking of growing up. Perry got a package today from amazon.com with his very first preschool backpack. He We had to let him try it on and it is the perfect size for him. It is the fox, from the Skip Hop Zoo collection. I love that it is red and has little plaid ears. It is so cute, and will be even cuter with his name monogrammed on it. We are gearing up for his first day of preschool in a couple of weeks.

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