Choo Choo

Monday, July 28, 2014
Saturday morning saw another fun mommy-son adventure out at the North Alabama Railroad Museum. Perry has been learning about trains and choo choos (and mistakingly also will tell you that trucks say "choo choo" as well...but we are working on that). I thought it would be fun to go on a little train ride together. It was the patriotic express so the train was all dressed up in it's red white and blue.

As soon as we pulled up and saw the trains, Perry started saying "Choo Choo!" We got our tickets from will call and snapped some photos before boarding.

Perry loved exploring the train and was totally enthralled by the conductor who came around and stamped everyones tickets. He was still young enough that he didn't have to have a seat, but I knew he would be a much happier camper in his own seat so I went ahead and got him a child's ticket. The car we sat in was a passenger car from 1939.

I am not sure that Perry really appreciated the fact that the train we were on was moving at all, but he looked out the window some. It was great because it was totally a-ok to get up and move around and walk between the train cars during the ride so we went and explored the baggage car and dining car and Perry waved at all the people staring at him as we walked by.

After the 10 mile ride, to nowhere, because you finish exactly where you started, we played some more and had lunch from the food trucks that had arrived on site.

Perry was actually given a conductors hat by this other sweet but random family sitting in our car. As they were leaving they came and handed it to us and said they had an extra and that the cute red-head needed to have it. It was a nice surprise. I tried my best to get some pictures of him in the hat, but his affinity for them has not changed and it stayed on for all of 30 seconds. I do love this picture looks like he is actually "working on the railroad." Maybe he has an engineering career in his future.

This is what he actually thinks of hats though...

It was a fun mommy and Perry morning. We were both good and tired by the time we left (chasing a toddler is hard work), and came home and took much needed naps. I love finding fun things to do with my boy.

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