Easiest modeling gig ever

Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Our church is growing and expanding at a crazy exciting rate. This Sunday we are simultaneously moving from two to three Sunday morning services and opening a brand new children's wing. We are so happy and blessed to be a part of a dynamic church that does so much to serve and equip families.

Along the current children's hallway, sweet black and white photos of children in the church are used as artwork. The photos are precious and so fun to look at as we walk the halls to drop off and pick up P from his nursery class.

With the new building came the need for some new faces and photos. And since they didn't have many pictures of the 1 year old demographic, Perry was asked to be outside between services in the grass for a little mini photo shoot. Liz Wessel did an awesome job capturing him and his sweet personality.

It was a fun adventure trying to get a bunch of little ones to sit or stand and smile. Much like herding cats I would imagine. Perry did awesome. He literally walked over, sat down in the grass and started smiling. You would think he was used to getting his picture taken or something. lol.

An awesome byproduct of the experience is that we now have some really cute photos of P for our frames at home. Here are a few of my favorites. Thanks Liz!

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