Family 4th of July, continued...

Monday, July 7, 2014
Saturday night after naptime (well after we woke Perry up from a nap at 4:30...ha), we headed over to Ann and Gary's for some more food and family time.

Perry had a great time playing with his cousins. Ben taught him soccer and Perry thought it was just hilarious to have a soccer ball kicked at him. And later in the evening Perry, Ben and Kate all sat sweetly around an iphone watching an episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I love that he is getting to be an age where he can play right alongside his big cousins. He is also at an age though where we can be a real annoyance to Kate, who doesn't quite get the fact that his pestering is not intentional. lol.

Emily amazingly got a picture of the three cute patriotic cousins all looking mostly in the same direction. That is photography skill right there.

We had lots of good butt, grilled corn, beans, broccoli and grape salad, cookies and homemade vanilla ice cream. It was a fun evening to sit and talk and get caught up on life. It ended with three clean, bathed kiddos and full tummies.

You would have thought after all the busyness of Saturday that P would have slept like a log that night. Far from it...he woke up at 3 am Sunday morning screaming. After milk and two parent trips upstairs it was clear he was not going to settle back down, and Andrew and he spent the second half of the night asleep in a recliner together. Poor boy was probably having a bad dream. Hoping it was a one night fluke. It has been a crazy busy weekend though and all the excitement and parties and chocolate late at night has probably not helped. This week should be much calmer and we can get back into a normal routine and bedtime.

As fun as all the weekend parties were, we made sure to take some time to stop and be thankful that we have a reason to celebrate the fourth of July. And say a prayer of thankfulness for the blessings God has given us as a family and country and thankfulness for all the people that have fought hard for our freedoms.

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