Family 4th of July

Sunday, July 6, 2014
Our patriotic celebrations continued straight through Saturday the 5th. In the morning we went over to Kay and Freddie's house to party with the Moreland family. We were grateful for the trees in her yard and screened in porch that offered some shade from the hot sun. After a couple of days of really unseasonably nice weather, we are back to the sauna that is Alabama in the summer.

We played a little cornhole, while we could keep it in the shade. Our family is a little divided when it comes to football loyalties, hence the side by side Auburn and UGA cornhole boards.

We (well Freddie) grilled out burgers and hot dogs for lunch and as always we had and ate way too much food!

Mostly we sat and talked, and played with Perry. He loved having a big fenced in yard to explore. Kay has done an awesome job with landscaping and has made her backyard quite the bird paradise. Perry loved seeing all the birds (and playing in the bird baths despite our best attempts to keep him out of them).

It didn't take long for Perry to figure out how to get the coolers open. He was totally enthralled with the ice and watching it melt in the hot sun.

We headed home early afternoon for Perry to nap and reset before getting together with the East family later in the day. Seriously I feel like I have done nothing but eat this weekend, and pretty sure Perry thinks everyday is a party.

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